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Maine EBT Standards Document

II.  Summary:

The following sections of the ME-EBT Document provide a description of the transaction sets and business rules, the record layouts and data formats, the transmission methodology, and the testing and training requirements to implement the EBT standards.

Section III. Business Relationships.  This section summarizes the relationships between the Customers, Competitive Electricity Suppliers and the Transmission & Distribution Utilities at the start of retail competition.  It is intended to foster the development of a mutual understanding of those relationships.  These relationships result from Maine Public Utility Commission Rules.  A more thorough understanding will come from a reading of these Rules.

Section IV. Electronic Business Transactions.  This section defines a set of electronic business transactions corresponding to the business relationships described in Section III.  It also includes a description of the business rules that govern the use of the transactions.

Section V. Standard Offer.  This section defines the electronic business transactions applicable to the Standard Offer Service Providers.

Section VI. Electronic Transmission. This section describes the approach for sending and receiving the transactions between the Competitive Electricity Suppliers and the Transmission & Distribution Utilities.  The approach defines the data formats and standardization of initial transport methodology.  We will also offer a path for a transition into future technologies and regional and national standards as they emerge.

Section VII. Computer Operations Considerations.  This section discusses the operational issues (both manual and automated) that, while primarily technical in nature, can have a significant effect on the efficiency and consistency of business processes.

Section VIII. Training. This section provides an overview of the supplier training program offered jointly by Maine’s T&D Utilities to Competitive Electricity Providers, covering Maine rules and requirements for using Electronic Business Transactions.  This section lists the topics and order of  presentation for the training.

Section IX.  EDI Testing Overview.  This section provides an overview of testing objectives and test plan requirements for Competitive Electricity Suppliers and Standard Offer Providers working with Maine’s T&D Utilities to complete EDI testing.  Test condition descriptions and instructions are provided in appendix D.

Section X. Working Group Process Continuation. This section offers an approach for continuing the working group, taking advantage of the experience gained in the new marketplace.

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