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Product Associations

Households that recognized the ENERGY STAR label (aided) indicate strong association between products historically supported by regional energy efficiency programs (refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, compact fluorescent light bulbs, etc.) and the ENERGY STAR label.

Survey respondents that recognized the ENERGY STAR label (aided) were asked, “What types of products, goods, and services do you think of when you think of the ENERGY STAR label?” (survey question QA). The figure on the next page presents the results for this question, which indicate unprompted product associations.

Unprompted, appliances, refrigerators and washing machines showed the strongest association with the label at 43, 33, and 31 percent, respectively. Though it does not have an ENERGY STAR specification, clothes dryers followed at 25 percent. The next most strongly associated products (unprompted) were air conditioners and dishwashers at 15 and 13 percent, respectively. These top six product associations are not significantly different from 2008 results. The list of products mentioned by households without being prompted also includes two products, in addition to clothes dryers, that do not have an ENERGY STAR specification: microwave ovens and stoves or ovens. Three products show a significant decrease in unprompted association: fans, computers and monitors, and boilers. The one product that shows a significant increase, stoves and ovens, does not have an ENERGY STAR specification.

When prompted, seventy-eight percent of households had seen the label on refrigerators. Washing machines (73 percent) and dishwashers (66 percent) were the next products most commonly associated with the ENERGY STAR label. Gas water heaters, central air conditioners, and windows each followed at about 47 percent, with room air conditioners mentioned by about 41 percent. However, 36 percent of households associated microwave ovens with the ENERGY STAR label, although they do not in fact have an ENERGY STAR specification.

Four products show a significant decrease in prompted association compared to 2008: scanners, fax machines, copying machines,3 and newly built homes. There were no significant increases in prompted association.

3 The across years comparison for scanners, fax machines, and copy machines may have been affected by the addition the “all-in-one printer” category in 2009.


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