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  • Likelihood of having purchased ENERGY STAR-labeled products in the absence of rebates or reduced-rate financing

  • Likelihood of recommending ENERGY STAR-labeled products to a friend and other measures of loyalty to the ENERGY STAR label

  • Satisfaction with ENERGY STAR-labeled products versus products without the ENERGY STAR label

  • Demographic questions (most of the demographic questions were not asked in the Internet/WebTV survey as the demographic characteristics of the respondents were already on file)

  • Recognition and understanding of the yellow EnergyGuide labels

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      Internet/WebTV Questionnaire

The interactive format of an Internet/WebTV questionnaire allows questions to be asked in a way that is not possible with a printed questionnaire. On printed questionnaires respondents can see questions in advance and may be tempted to read the entire questionnaire before completing it, potentially educating themselves in a limited way about the subject and affecting their responses.

The Internet/WebTV questionnaires (after questions about the yellow EnergyGuide label) ask respondents—without showing the ENERGY STAR label—whether they have ever seen or heard of the ENERGY STAR label. Responses to this question should thus be comparable to those obtained through a telephone survey. The Internet/WebTV questionnaires then show the ENERGY STAR label(s) (which is not possible with a telephone survey) and ask again about recognition and understanding. As a result, responses to these questions should be comparable to those obtained through a mail survey where respondents are shown the label.

Another difference between a mail questionnaire and an Internet/WebTV questionnaire is that the latter—like a telephone questionnaire using computer- assisted telephone interviewing (CATI)—can program lines of questions based on responses to earlier questions. For example, respondents to an Internet/WebTV questionnaire who say they have bought a given product in the past year can then be asked whether that specific product (or its packaging or instructions) had the ENERGY STAR label.

Thus, the Internet/Web TV survey is able to combine some of the attributes of both print and telephone surveys.


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