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1.3 Changes to the Questionnaire

The 2009 Internet/WebTV questionnaire was very similar to the 2008 questionnaire. The 2008 questionnaire included sources of information question sequences for heating and cooling products, home appliances, lighting, and home electronics. These questions were not repeated in the 2009 survey.

In the list of products used in the 2009 instrument, two products were added (“All-in- one Printer” and “Gas water heater”) and one (“VCR”) was removed. The product lists are used for the following survey questions:

Q5(b): Please select each of the products, product literature, or packaging on which you have seen the ENERGY STAR label.

Q6A: Have you or someone else in your household been shopping in a store in the last 12 months for any of the products listed below?

Q7A: On which products did you see the ENERGY STAR label?

Q8: How much did the ENERGY STAR label influence your purchase decision?

Q12(b): Which of these products have you purchased in the last 12 months?

QC: In general, how satisfied are you with each of the following products you purchased?

1.4. Determination of Aided Recognition

In the 2009 analysis the determination of aided recognition was based on the responses to five questions. This is the same sequence and numbering used in the 2008 survey. Specifically:

ES3A: Is this the label you have seen or heard of before? (Respondents were randomly shown either the old or new ENERGY STAR label. This question was asked to respondents who said they had seen or heard of the ENERGY STAR label.)

ES3B: Have you seen or heard of this version of the ENERGY STAR label? (In this question, asked after ES3A, respondents were shown the label not shown in the previous question.)


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