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2.1 Designated Marketing Areas Publicity Categories

The same publicity classification procedure used in the past 9 years was used in 2009. A Nielsen Designated Marketing Area(DMA) was classified as high publicity, low publicity, or other using the following criteria:

  • High publicity: Active local ENERGY STAR program recently sponsored by a utility, state agency, or other organization for 2 or more continuous years. The activities must include sustained promotions and publicity from non-federal sources.

  • Low publicity: Federal campaign activities only and no significant regional program sponsor activities.

  • Other: All other DMAs.

This classification procedure was designed to identify three publicity categories and provide clear and verifiable definitions. The key working definitions are:

  • Recent: The 2 years of activity must include the time period during which the

survey was in the field.

  • Sustained: The 2 years of activity must be continuous.

  • Significant: In addition to any direct federal publicity efforts, publicity efforts must include a deliberate and multifaceted regional program sponsor investment in ENERGY STAR programming, such as direct marketing efforts or the creation and distribution of promotional material.

These definitions were constructed to be applicable to future survey efforts; they can be modified by simply increasing the duration of sustained high publicity.

2.2 Sample Design

The survey was a national survey. The sampling frame for this national survey included all households in the largest Nielsen Designated Market Areas® (DMAs) that together accounted for about 70 percent of U.S. television households. In 2009, this encompassed the 57 largest DMAs. In addition, CEE members may choose to sponsor more intensive sampling (i.e., an oversample) in selected localities, referred to here as sponsor areas. In 2009, the State of Wisconsin was the sole sponsor area.


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