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3.4 Consumer Perceptions by Publicity Category

The 2009 results also suggest that local and regional efforts to publicize ENERGY STAR have been successful in affecting consumer perception of the label. There are statistically significant differences between high- and low-publicity areas for two of the ten attitudinal statements.

A smaller proportion of people in high-publicity areas (13 percent) than low-publicity areas (20 percent) agrees with the statement “Buying ENERGY STAR-labeled products makes me feel like I’m spending extra money for nothing,” (p=0.099). Conversely, a larger proportion in high-publicity areas than in low is neutral on the statement (40 percent and 31 percent respectively, p=0.073).

In high-publicity areas, a larger proportion disagrees with the statement “It seems like most products have the ENERGY STAR label these days” than in low-publicity areas, 15 percent and 9 percent respectively (p=0.055). Proportions neutral and in agreement were similar across publicity categories.

The level of consumers’ agreement, disagreement, and neutrality is similar in high- and low-publicity areas for the following statements:

  • “ENERGY STAR products provide me with more benefits than products without the ENERGY-STAR label.”

  • “ENERGY STAR-labeled products offer better value than products without the label.”

  • “If I cannot find the kind of product I am looking for with an ENERGY STAR label, I will shop elsewhere rather than buy a product that does not qualify for the label.”

  • “Buying ENERGY STAR-labeled products makes me feel like I’m helping to protect the environment for future generations.”

  • ”Buying ENERGY STAR-labeled products makes me feel like I’m contributing

to society.”

  • “I consider my self loyal to ENERGY STAR-labeled products.”

  • “If I see the ENERGY STAR label, I know I’m getting a more energy-efficient


  • “When I buy a product with the ENERGY STAR label, I can always be sure it’s

high quality.”


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