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The Westfield Leader and The Scotch Plains – Fanwood TIMES

Thursday, May 15, 2008

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Edison Intermediate School

Honor Roll

Third Marking Period

WESTFIELD – Edison Intermedi- ate School Principal Cheryl O’Brien announced the school’s third mark- ing period honor roll.

Distinguished Honor Roll Grade 7

TREE CARETAKERS...Wardlaw Hartridge third graders, who are part of the New Jersey Forest Service’s program to plant a tree for Earth Day/Arbor Day, received their tiny starter trees in Kathy Meier’s lower school science class. The students were instructed to keep the trees wet and to plant them immediately. Pictured, from left to right, are: Simone Armour and Scotch Plains’ Samantha Anastasiou. Samantha is the daughter of Chuck and Nina Anastasiou. Samantha’s brother, Michael, is a sixth grader at the school.

Students Win Recognition From State Women’s Clubs

Michael Aronson, Corinne Barrow, Alexandra Brown, Owen Browne, Justin Cafiero, Robert Cassie, Julia Ceasrine, Meghan Clifford, Deanna Cohen, Matthew Daniel, Ashley Dietz, Andrew Dougert, Daniel Dougherty, Meaghan Fleck, Jack Frey, Kevin Galasso, Emily Greenberg, Christina Gulla, Courtney Han, Rebecca Harris, Allison Harth, Sarah Hearon, Leigh Heinbokel, Maura Heinbokel, Timothy Huber, Nadia Ibrahim, Aditi Jain, Alexandra Kapadia, Catherine Kerr, Linda Liu, Adam Lupicki, Emma Lysek, Lea Moise-Kleinman, Connor Moore, Ryan Morse, Megan Mulrooney, Veronica Murphy, Joseph Obiajulu, Hannah Painter, Tara Reardon, Katie Rembisz, Samantha Rembisz, Dillon Rolnick, Robert Romano, Alexandra Schwetje, Sarah Seitz, Melissa Shendell, Alison Simon, Isabelle Smelkinson, Clara Smith, Kevin Smith, Emily Suriano, Scott Thompson, Alexandra Tinfow, Kristin Troutman, Alex Ying, Allison Zale, Brianne Zelko, Rebecca Zhang

Honor Roll Grade 7

WESTFIELD – The following stu- dents were among the winners of the Woman’s Club of Westfield’s Youth Poetry and Short Story Contest in February, and have gone on to win recognition from the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs (NJSFWC). The winners on a state level are: Poetry Emma Sherry (Category 2), second place, for her poem, “Joy.” Emma is the daughter of Ellen and Den- nis Sherry, and is in sixth grade at Park Middle School in Scotch Plains. Emma Sherry

Alyssha Marie John (Category 3), third place, for her poem, “Notice Me.” Alyssha is the daughter of Jollie Thomas and John Varghese, and is in seventh

grade at Edison Alyssha Marie John Intermediate

School in Westfield.

Jennifer Bag- ger (Category 2), first place, for her short story, “Safire, The Blue Belled Re- indeer.” Jennifer is the daughter of

Barbara and Ri- Jennifer Bagger chard Bagger, and is in fifth grade at Washington

Elementary School in Westfield.

Cynthia Lam (Category 3), first place, for her short story, “One Last Smile.” Cynthia is the daughter of Alicia and Raymond Lam, and is in ninth

Cynthia Lam

grade at Westfield High School.

Alexa Zepka (Category 4), first place, for her short story, “Fallen An- gel.” Alexa is the daughter of Pamela and Rodger Zepka, and is in 10th

grade at Westfield High School.

School in Westfield.

Adrian Lam

Short Story Adrian Lam (Category 1), first place, for his short story, “The Boy, The Star and the Mon- ster.” Adam is the son ofAlicia and Raymond Lam, and is in third grade at Franklin Elementary

Alexa Zepka

The composi- tions of the first- place short story winners will be judged nation- ally by the Gen- eral Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC.) The national winners of the

contest will be announced at the GFWC convention this June in Chi- cago.

Enhance Communication Skills at UCC in June 2008

Austin Aoyagi, Sophia Barry, Clayton Beyert, John Birnie, Max Bohall, Nicole Boretz, Matthew Boyle, William Cary, Michaela Cavanagh, Conor Chopey, Jessica Ciampa, Jonathan Clancy, Abigail Conlon, Nicholas Constantine, Kathryn Contini, Michael Corcoran, Alexander Corea, Zaida Cseke, Denis

WF Schools End On Thursday, June 19

WESTFIELD – In accordance with the procedure outlined in the 2007- 2008 Westfield Public School District’s calendar, and assuming there are no emergency closings in the next two months, the last day of school for all students will be Thurs- day, June 19. Schools will be closed Friday, June 20, for students as a “give back snow day.”

June 18 and 19 will be four-hour sessions for students in grades K to 8. Westfield High School’s graduation will remain the same date, Thursday, June 19, at 6 p.m. The last day of school for teachers will be Friday, June 20.

WF’s Mehta Earns A $2,500 Scholarship

WESTFIELD – Officials of Na- tional Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) announced the names of some 2,500 distinguished high school seniors who have won National Merit $2,500 Scholarships.

A Westfield student, Pratik Mehta, who lists his probable career field as finance, earned a scholarship. Pratik attends Westfield High School.

These merit scholar designees were chosen from a talent pool of approxi- mately 15,000 finalists in the 2008 National Merit Scholarship Program.

National Merit $2,500 scholarship winners possess the strongest combi- nation of accomplishments, skills, and potential for success in rigorous col- lege studies. Winners are selected by a committee of college admissions officers and high school counselors.

These scholars may use their awards at any regionally accredited United States college or university.

CRANFORD –An eight-week sum- mer course, “Effective Communica- tions in Business,” starting in June at Union County College, can help those seeking to maximize their skills in ar- eas of interpersonal and written com- munication, helping to enhance people’s marketability in a chosen career field.

This eight-week course will ad- dress such important areas as manag- ing conflict in the workplace, active listening, choosing the right words to convey a message, interpreting body language and other non-verbal com- munication, group problem solving, and writing effective letters, memos, e-mails and short reports. Grammati- cal questions will be consistently ad- dressed.

used, along with relevant handouts, exercises, and writing assignments to correspond with each class topic.

The course is highly interactive, fo- cusing on individual student concerns through practical exercises as well as full-class discussions and partnering to emphasize issues that face individuals in their workplace settings.

“Effective Communications in Busi- ness” will be presented from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, June 3 through July 22, at the college’s Cranford Cam- pus at 1033 Springfield Avenue.

For further information or to register, call the Division of Economic Devel- opment and Continuing Education at (908) 709-7600.

Pingry Students Earn Honors in Latin Exam

AREA – Area students at Pingry participated this year in the annual National Latin Exam, with eight Pingry students earning gold medals and summa cum laude certificates.

The gold medal winners included Kasra Manoocheri and Alexander Daifotis, both of Westfield.

Twenty-seven Pingry students earned silver medals and maxima cum laude certificates, including Helen Daifotis of Westfield, Maxwell Ingrassia of Mountainside, and Samuel Fisher of Westfield.

Students will walk away from the course with a more insightful under- standing of the inner workings of the communication process and how each aspect plays an integral role in the total communication effort.

A textbook and worksheets will be

Chair of the Family Law Department of MARIO C. GURRIERI, ESQ. DUGHI & HEWIT

340 North Avenue

Cranford, New Jersey 07016


0%23/.!, 3%26)#%




Specializing in all aspects of Family Law including divorce, custody, visitation, alimony, child support, division of assets, palimon , premarital agreements, domestic partnerships, restraining orders, post-divorce motions due to changed financial circumstances, residence removal from New Jersey, visitation modifications and transfers of custody.

Christine Cosenza, Agent 2 Elm Street Westfield, NJ 07090-2148 Bus: 908-233-9100 www.christinecosenza.net

35 years of continuous practice in Family Law Union County Early Settlement Arbitration Panelist 25 years Court-appointed Standing Master & Guardian Accredited Mediator Formerly Senior Partner at Snevily, Ely, Williams & Gurrieri, Westfield (1972-2000)

Cummings, Erica Davis, Cristian DeLosRios, Samuel DeJohn, Andrew Donohue, Charlotte Dreizen, Christopher Fischer, Katherine Fischer, Caroline Frankola, Marisa Garrity, Ashley Gerckens, Julia Godbee, Lee Goldberger, Brit- tany Gould, Nicholas Grawehr, Maria Hershey, Gregory Inamine, Pengju Jin, Katelyn Kelly, Malcolm Kettleson, Leo Kleiman-Lynch, Hannah Knighton, Joseph Kravets, Tracy Kwok, Austin Landaeta, Bradley Lankler, Sarah Leahy, Paul Lee, Seon Lee, Victor Levorse, Marissa Lowe, Sarah Lurie, Robert Marczydlo, Joanna McCormack, Megan McCusker, Patrick McCusker, Joseph Mele, Charlotte Milford, Jessie Miller, Julia Miller, Nicole Miller, Louis Molinari, Vincent Molinari, Charles Naughton, Joshua Norton, Juliana Pastuzyn, Kristen Pazdro, Nicole Pazdro, Jenna Perrotta, Cara Realmuto, Meghan Reilly, Michael Reilly, Benjamin Ritter, Andrew Rivera, Rohit Saigal, Brian Schor, Sian Scott, Max Shin, Henry Smith, Eric Sokol, Patrick Terry, Naomi Tortorello, John Towey, Jimmy Yang

Distinguished Honor Roll Grade 8

Sarah Albright, Mary Barber, Michelle Behzadpour, Rebecca Bleich, Wilson Cheung, Molly Colvin, Eileen Cook, Jessica Cronin, Nicole Cruz, Ella D’Amico, John Dedea, Michael Depaolo, Melissa Diep, Isabel Docampo, Brian Duffy, Amanda Earl, Ryan Elliott, Emily Fahey, Jessie Fang, Maggie Fox, Taylor Friss, Victoria Gagliano, Geena Gao, Andrew Goldfarb, Zachary Goldfarb, Jacob Harris, Samantha Hindes, Ryan Hobson, Kim- berly Hoffman, John Hogge, Bernadette Hopen, Krysta Huber, Lindsey Jacobs, Natasha Kazakevich, Pauna Kiricheva, John Kirna, James Kowalski, Allegra Larche, Brandon Levan, Danielle Lipschutz, Eddy Lu, Megan Luppino, Amanda Marcotullio, Hannah Margolin, Nathan Mitchell, Michael Mondon, Cecelia Mosco, Thomas O’Neill, Jason Qin, Joseph Rinaldi, Dean Schapow, Andrew Schwarz, Sari Solomon, Hannah St Lifer, Eliza- beth Steller, Kathleen Tang, Leah Tavasi, Jacob Vergara, Marisa Watanabe, Caroline Weber, Matias Werner

Honor Roll Grade 8

Christopher Albanese, Meg Anderson, Gemma Antoniewicz, Matthew Apicella, Tay- lor Barber, Aimee Bass, Hannah Bass, Emily Benz, Daniel Bigelow, Kelley Biglin, James Birnie, Zachary Botos, Casey Brennan, Daniel Brotman, Russell Browning, Matthew Caminiti, Theresa Carlino, Hsiao-Min Chiang, Rachel Chodor, Zachary Chodor, Justin Coelho, Lucas Cruz, Carley Davis, Anna Liah deRojas, Mel- issa DeCandia, Sophia DeVita, Amie Diamond, Ryan Don, Thomas Edwards, Brandon Eng, Bradley Erickson, Gabriella Estevez, Elizabeth Fischetti, Declan Fitzmaurice, Kaitlyn Frey, Dana Friedman, Evan Friedman, Alexa Geltzeiler, Michael Giacone, Abigail Goldring, Kelly Gray, Jonathan Gribbin, Danielle Grimes, Henry Hershey, Lydia Hughes, Jason Isbit, Samantha Jackson, Rafaella Jakubovic, Dominik Jedruszczak, Tyler Knighton, John Lanzano, Jack Leahy, Timothy Lehmberg, Kathryn Lobo, Martin Lopez, Florence Ma, Maeve Maloney, Maxwell Marchiano, Allie Merkelson, Kaycie O’Donnell, Anne Oldakowski, Julian Olivares, Ellis Opoku, Anthony Pafumi, Emily Polak, Megan Poyntz, Robert Psolka, Matthew Ragoza, Willi Rediker, Justin Ricardo, Julia Rivera, Erica Russo, Brett Ryan, Eric Saunders, Shweta Sethi, Megan Sheil, Cailly Simpson, Troy Skibitsky, Michael Snyder, Alina Spera, Mia Spitz, Nicho- las Sternal, Amanda Stivala, Michael Stravach, Leonidas Tolias, Robin Toth, Anthony Valles, Matthew Varakian, Jacob Wegbreit, Zachary Weissglass, Paul Werner, Steven West, Danielle Wirtshafter, Thomas Wolski

UP FOR A CHALLENGE…The Euro Challenge Team from Mount Saint Mary Academy in Watchung analyzed the economic challenge Italy has faced since adopting the euro. The team, of ninth- and 10th-grade students, is, from left to right, (standing) Kristen Shiu, Maryam Gonzalez, Alannah Heffernan, Leah Geoghan of Westfield and Ashley Davis. Seated are Alicia Iacono and Kathleen Brennan.

Mount Students Compete In 2008 Euro Challenge

WESTFIELD – Mount Saint Mary Academy in Watchung, sent five stu- dents, including one from Westfield, to compete in this year’s Euro Chal- lenge competition for ninth- and 10th- grade students. The only all-female team in the competition, the Mount Saint Mary’s squad placed third, win- ning $3,750 in scholarship money.

The student team was composed of Ashley Davis of Colonia, Maryam Gonzalez of Perth Amboy, Leah Geoghan of Westfield, Alannah Heffernan of Warren, and Kristen Shiu of South Plainfield.

The faculty advisor, Kathleen Brennan, is chair of the Mathematics Department and teaches Economics. Alicia Iacono, chair of the Social Studies Department, assisted Ms. Brennan.

place on Friday, April 18, at Credit Suisse in New York City.

The Mount competed against 47 teams from various states and won a place at participating in the final round, which was held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on April 29.

The top four teams competed in the final round. Mrs. Iacono commented, “They put in so many hours after school and on weekends. Their will to learn and willingness made work- ing with them a pleasure.”

The Euro Challenge was launched by the Delegation of the European Commission to the United States in 2006. Its goal is to foster a better understanding of the strong economic and political relationship between the United States and Europe.

For the competition, teams make a presentation on a country that has adopted the euro as its currency and encountered problems.

The Mount Saint Mary’s group chose Italy and used the format of an Italian TV show. Students also took part in a question-and-answer ses- sion about the European economy and the euro.

“I couldn’t be more proud of them,” said Ms. Brennan. “They gave a fine presentation and held their own on the question and answer section.”

The euro is the primary currency of 15 of the 27 countries of the Euro- pean Union. The competition took

Area Residents Make JWU Dean’s List

AREA – Brett Crawford of Cranford, who is pursuing an associ- ate degree in Food and Beverage Man- agement from the Hospitality Col- lege, and Lauren Edwards of Scotch Plains, who is pursuing an associate degree in Baking and Pastry Arts from the College of Culinary Arts, have been named to the Johnson and Wales University Dean’s List for the 2008 winter term.

To receive Dean’s List commenda- tion, students must earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.40 or above.

To All High School Students, Parents:

Please send us your prom pictures.

Send to edu@goleader.com

Prom 2007

A t a n l o o k s g o o d , a n e d u c a t i o n l a s t s l o n g e r .

This summer, do something that’ll CHANGE your LIFE

• Get started on a college career or earn credits toward your degree with UCC’s Summer Session.

  • Convenient 3 to 12 week sessions

• Attend class at any of several locations or learn from home with Telecourses & Online courses

Most Courses Start the Week of May 27th & July 8th

,)+% ! '//$ .%)'("/2 34!4% &!2- )3 4(%2%®

For More Information:






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For info call (908)709-7518 – or – visit us online at www.ucc.edu

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