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of the Wildlife Resources Commission.  Entry shall be authorized only when such entry will not compromise the primary purpose for establishing the Restricted Zone and the person or persons requesting entry can demonstrate a valid need or such person is a contractor or agent of the Commission conducting official business.  "Valid need" includes issues of access to private property, scientific investigations, surveys, or other access to conduct activities in the public interest.
(5)Temporary Restricted Zone. Portions of game lands posted as "Temporary Restricted Zones" are closed to all use by the general public, and entry upon such an area for any purpose is prohibited without first having obtained specific written approval of such entry or use from an authorized agent of the Wildlife Resources Commission.  An area of a game land shall be declared a Temporary Restricted Zone when there is a danger to the health or welfare of the public due to topographical features or activities occurring on the area.
(6)Establishment of Archery, Restricted Firearms, and Restricted Zones.  The Commission shall conduct a public input meeting in the area where the game land is located before establishing any archery, restricted firearms or restricted zone.  After the input meeting the public comments shall be presented to an official Commission meeting for final determination.
(7)Scouting-only Zone.  On portions of the game lands posted as "Scouting-only Zones" the discharge of firearms or bow and arrow is prohibited.
(b)  Littering.  No person shall deposit any litter, trash, garbage, or other refuse at any place on any game land except in receptacles provided for disposal of such refuse at designated camping and targetshooting areas.  No garbage dumps or sanitary landfills shall be established on any game land by any person, firm, corporation, county or municipality, except as permitted by the landowner.
(c)  Possession of Hunting Devices. It is unlawful to possess a firearm or bow and arrow on a game land at any time except during the open hunting seasons or hunting days for game birds or game animals, other than fox, unless the device is cased or not immediately available for use, provided that such devices may be possessed and used by persons participating in field trials on field trial areas and on target shooting areas designated by the landowner, and possessed in designated camping areas for defense of persons and property; and provided further that .22 caliber pistols with barrels not greater than seven and onehalf inches in length and shooting only short, long, or long rifle ammunition may be carried as side arms on game lands at any time other than by hunters during the special bow and arrow and muzzleloading firearms deer hunting seasons and by individuals training dogs during closed season without field trial
authorization.  This Rule shall not prevent possession or use of a bow and arrow as a licensed special fishing device in those waters where such use is authorized.  During the closed firearms seasons on big game (deer, bear, boar, wild turkey), no person shall possess a shotgun shell containing larger than No. 4 shot or any rifle or pistol larger than a .22 caliber rimfire while on a game land, except that shotgun shells containing any size steel or nontoxic shot may be used while waterfowl or coyote hunting.  Furthermore, only shotguns with any size shot and archery equipment as defined in 15A NCAC 10B .0116 may be possessed during the big game season for turkey.  No person shall hunt with or have in possession any shotgun shell containing lead or toxic shot while hunting on any posted waterfowl impoundment on any game land, or while hunting waterfowl on ButnerFalls of Neuse Game Land or New Hope Game Land, except shotgun shells containing lead buckshot may be used while deer hunting.
(d)  Game Lands License: Hunting and Trapping
(1)Requirement.  Except as provided in Subparagraph (2) of this Paragraph, any person entering upon any game land for the purpose of hunting, trapping, or participating in dog training or field trial activities shall have in his possession a game lands license in addition to the appropriate hunting or trapping licenses.  A field trial participant is defined as a Judge, Handler, Scout or Owner.

(A)A person under 16 years of age may hunt on game lands on the license of his parent or legal guardian.

(B)The resident and nonresident sportsman's licenses include game lands use privileges.

(C)Judges and nonresidents participating in field trials under the circumstances set forth in Paragraph (e) of this Rule may do so without the game lands license.

(D)On the game lands described in Rule .0103(e)(2) of this Section, the game lands license is required only for hunting doves; all other activities are subject to the control of the landowners.

(e)  Field Trials and Training Dogs.  A person serving as judge of a field trial which, pursuant to a written request from the sponsoring organization, has been authorized in writing and scheduled for occurrence on a game land by an authorized representative of the Wildlife Resources Commission, and any nonresident Handler, Scout or Owner participating therein may do so without procuring a game lands license, provided such nonresident has in his possession a valid hunting license issued by the state of his residence.  Any individual or organization sponsoring a field trial on the Sandhills Field Trial grounds or the Laurinburg Fox Trial facility shall file with the commission's agent an application to use the area and facility accompanied by the facility use fee computed at the rate of one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each scheduled day of the trial.  The total facility

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