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use fee shall cover the period from 12:00 noon of the day preceding the first scheduled day of the trial to 10:00 a.m. of the day following the last scheduled day of the trial.  The facility use fee shall be paid for all intermediate days on which for any reason trials are not run but the building or facilities are used or occupied.  A fee of twentyfive dollars ($25.00) per day shall be charged to sporting, educational, or scouting groups for scheduled events utilizing the club house only.  No person or group of persons or any other entity shall enter or use in any manner any of the physical facilities located on the Laurinburg Fox Trial or the Sandhills Field Trial grounds without first having obtained written approval of such entry or use from an authorized agent of the Wildlife Resources Commission, and no such entry or use of any such facility shall exceed the scope of or continue beyond the approval so obtained.  The Sandhills Field Trial facilities shall be used only for field trials scheduled with the approval of the Wildlife Resources Commission.  No more than 16 days of field trials may be scheduled for occurrence on the Sandhills facilities during any calendar month, and no more than four days may be scheduled during any calendar week; provided, that a field trial requiring more than four days may be scheduled during one week upon reduction of the maximum number of days allowable during some other week so that the monthly maximum of 16 days is not exceeded.  Before October 1 of each year, the North Carolina Field Trial Association or other organization desiring use of the Sandhills facilities between October 22 and November 18 and between December 3 and March 31 shall submit its proposed schedule of such use to the Wildlife Resources Commission for its consideration and approval.  The use of the Sandhills Field Trial facilities at any time by individuals for training dogs is prohibited; elsewhere on the Sandhills Game Lands dogs may be trained only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from October 1 through April 1.  Dogs may not be trained or permitted to run unleashed from April 1 through August 15 on any game land located west of I95, except when participating in field trials sanctioned by the Wildlife Resources Commission.
(f)  Trapping.  Subject to the restrictions contained in 15A NCAC 10B .0110, .0302 and .0303, trapping of furbearing animals is permitted on game lands during the applicable open seasons, except that trapping is prohibited:
(1)on the field trial course of the Sandhills Game Land;
(2)on the Harmon Den and Sherwood bear sanctuaries in Haywood County;
(3)in posted "safety zones" located on any game land;
(4)by the use of bait on the National Forest Lands bounded by the Blue Ridge Parkway on the south, US 276 on the north and east, and NC 215 on the west;
(5)on Cowan's Ford Waterfowl Refuge in Gaston, Lincoln and Mecklenburg Counties;
(6)on the Hunting Creek Swamp Waterfowl Refuge;
(7)on the John's River Waterfowl Refuge in Burke County; and
(8)on the Dupont State Forest Game Lands.
On those areas of stateowned land known collectively as the Roanoke River Wetlands controlled trapping is allowed under a permit system.
(g)  Use of Weapons.  In addition to zone restrictions described in Paragraph (a) no person shall discharge a weapon within 150 yards of any Game Lands building or designated Game Lands camping area, except where posted otherwise, or within 150 yards of any residence located on or adjacent to game lands, except no person shall discharge a firearm within 150 yards of any residence located on or adjacent to Butner-Falls of Neuse and Jordan Game Lands.
(h)  Vehicular Traffic.  No person shall drive a motorized vehicle on any game land except on those roads constructed, maintained and opened for vehicular travel and those trails posted for vehicular travel, unless such person:
(1)is driving in the vehicle gallery of a scheduled bird dog field trial held on the Sandhills Game Land; or
(2)holds a Disabled Access Program Permit as described in Paragraph (n) of this Rule and is abiding by the rules described in that paragraph.
(i)  Camping.  No person shall camp on any game land except on an area designated by the landowner for camping.  
(j)  Swimming.  Swimming is prohibited in the lakes located on the Sandhills Game Land.
(k)  Disabled Sportsman Program.  In order to qualify for special hunts for disabled sportsmen listed in 15A NCAC 10D .0103 an individual shall possess a Disabled Veteran Sportsman license, a Totally Disabled Sportsman license or a disabled sportsman hunt certification issued by the Commission.  In order to qualify for the certification, the applicant shall provide medical certification of one or more of the following disabilities:
(1)missing 50 percent or more of one or more limbs, whether by amputation or natural causes;
(2)paralysis of one or more limbs;
(3)dysfunction of one or more limbs rendering the person unable to perform the task of grasping and lifting with the hands and arms or unable to walk without mechanical assistance, other than a cane;
(4)disease or injury or defect confining the person to a wheelchair, walker, or crutches; or
Participants in the program who also hold a disabled access permit, except those qualifying by deafness, may operate vehicles on ungated or open-gated roads normally closed to vehicular traffic on Game Lands owned by the Wildlife Resources Commission.  Each program participant may be accompanied by one able-bodied companion provided such companion has in his possession the companion card issued by the Commission.
(l)  Release of Animals and Fish.  It is unlawful to release pen-raised animals or birds, wild animals or birds, or hatchery-raised fish on game lands without prior written authorization.  It is unlawful to move wild fish from one stream to another on game lands without prior written authorization.  Written authorization shall be given when release of such animals is determined by a

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