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May 17, 2002, until the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) establishes a Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) program that includes a  test to detect Chronic Wasting Disease along with requirements for monitoring cervids that shall establish a basis for determining whether a cervid and any cervid herd or farm with which the tested cervid has resided has been free of CWD for five years, provided that the program, test and monitoring requirements are recommended for application to wild animals by the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study.

(3)Required Facilities.  No captivity license shall be issued until the applicant has constructed or acquired a facility for keeping the animal or bird in captivity that complies with the standards set forth in Rule .0302 of this Section and the adequacy of such facility has been verified on inspection by a representative of the Commission.
(4)Term of License

(A)Dependent Wildlife. If the wild animal or wild bird has been permanently rendered incapable of subsisting in the wild, the license authorizing its retention in captivity shall be an annual license terminating on December 31 of the year for which issued.

(B)Rehabilitable Wildlife. When the wild animal or wild bird is temporarily incapacitated, and may be rehabilitated for release to the wild, any captivity license that is issued shall be for a period less than one year as rehabilitation may require.

(C)Concurrent Federal Permit.  No State captivity license for an endangered or threatened species or a migratory bird, regardless of the term specified, shall operate to authorize retention thereof for a longer period than is allowed by any concurrent federal permit that may be required for retention of the bird or animal.

(5)Holders of Captivity License for cervids.

(A)Inspection of records.  The licensee shall make all records pertaining to tags, licenses or permits issued by the Commission available for inspection by the Commission at any time during normal business hours, or at any time an outbreak of CWD is

suspected or confirmed within five miles of the facility or within the facility itself.

(B)Inspection.  The licensee shall make all enclosures at each licensed facility and the record-book(s) documenting required monitoring of the outer fence of the enclosure(s) available for inspection by the Commission at any time during normal business hours, or at any time an outbreak of CWD is suspected or confirmed within five miles of the facility or within the facility itself.

(C)Fence Monitoring Requirement.  The fence surrounding the enclosure shall be inspected by the licensee or licensee's agent once a week during normal weather conditions to verify its stability and to detect the existence of any conditions or activities that threaten its stability.  In the event of severe weather or any other condition that presents potential for damage to the fence, inspection shall occur every three hours until cessation of the threatening condition, except that no inspection shall be required under circumstances that threaten the safety of the person conducting the inspection.

(D)A record-book shall be maintained to record the time and date of the inspection, the name of the person who performed the inspection, and the condition of the fence at time of inspection. The person who performs the inspection shall enter the date and time of detection and the location of any damage threatening the stability of the fence.  If damage has caused the fence to be breachable, the licensee shall enter a description of measures taken to prevent ingress or egress by cervids.  Each record-book entry shall bear the signature or initials of the licensee attesting to the veracity of the entry.  The record-book shall be made available to inspection by a representative of the Commission upon request during normal business operating hours.

(E)Maintenance. Any opening or passage through the enclosure fence that results from damage shall, within one hour of detection, be sealed or otherwise secured to prevent a cervid from escape.  Any damage to the enclosure fence that threatens its

22:23                                                               NORTH CAROLINA REGISTER                                           JUNE 2, 2008


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