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(h)  40 CFR 51.165(f) is incorporated by reference except that 40 CFR 51.165(f)(10)(iv)(A) is changed to read: "If the emissions level calculated in accordance with Paragraph (f)(6) of this Section is equal to or greater than 80 percent of the PAL level, the Director shall renew the PAL at the same level." 40 CFR 51.165(f)(10)(iv)(B) is not incorporated by reference.
(i)  When a particular source or modification becomes a major stationary source or major modification solely by virtue of a relaxation in any enforceable limitation established after August7, 1980, on the capacity of the source or modification to emit a pollutant, such as a restriction on hours of operation, then the provisions of this Rule shall apply to the source or modification as though construction had not yet begun on the source or modification.
(j)  To issue a permit to a source of a nonattainment pollutant, the Director shall determine, in addition to the other requirements of this Rule, that an analysis (produced by the permit applicant) of alternative sites, sizes, production processes, and environmental control techniques for the source demonstrates that the benefits of the source significantly outweigh the environmental and social costs imposed as a result of its location, construction, or modification.
(k)  The provisions of 40 CFR 52.21(r)(2) regarding the period of validity of approval to construct are incorporated by reference except that the term "Administrator" is replaced with "Director".
(l)  Approval of an application regarding the requirements of this Rule shall not relieve the owner or operator of the responsibility to comply fully with applicable provisions of other rules of this Chapter and any other requirements under local, state, or federal law.
(m)  When a source or modification subject to this Rule may affect the visibility of a Class I area named in Paragraph (c) of Rule .0530 of this Section, the following procedures shall be followed:
(1)The owner or operator of the source shall provide an analysis of the impairment to visibility that would occur because of the source or modification and general commercial, industrial and other growth associated with the source or modification;
(2)The Director shall provide written notification to all affected Federal Land Managers within 30 days of receiving the permit application or within 30 days of receiving advance notification of an application.  The notification shall be at least 30 days before the publication of the notice for public comment on the application.  The notification shall include a copy of all information relevant to the permit application including an analysis provided by the source of the potential impact of the proposed source on visibility;
(3)The Director shall consider any analysis concerning visibility impairment performed by the Federal Land Manager if the analysis is received within 30 days of notification.  If the Director finds that the analysis of the Federal Land Manager fails to demonstrate to his satisfaction that an adverse impact on
visibility will result in the Class I area, the Director shall provide in the notice of public hearing on the application, an explanation of his decision or notice where the explanation can be obtained;
(4)The Director shall issue permits only to those sources whose emissions will be consistent with making reasonable progress toward the national goal of preventing any future, and remedying any existing, impairment of visibility in mandatory Class I areas when the impairment results from manmade air pollution.  In making the decision to issue a permit, the Director shall consider the cost of compliance, the time necessary for compliance, the energy and nonair quality environmental impacts of compliance, and the useful life of the source; and
(5)The Director may require monitoring of visibility in or around any Class I area by the proposed new source or modification when the visibility impact analysis indicates possible visibility impairment.
The requirements of this Paragraph shall not apply to nonprofit health or nonprofit educational institutions.
(n)  Paragraphs (f) and (j) of this Rule shall not apply to a new major stationary source or a major modification of a source of volatile organic compounds or nitrogen oxides for which construction commences after the area in which the source is located has been designated according to Part (c)(1)(B) of this Rule and before the area is designated in 40 CFR 81.334 as nonattainment for ozone if the owner or operator of the source demonstrates, using the Urban Airshed Model (UAM), that the new source or modification will not contribute to or cause a violation. The model used shall be that maintained by the Division. The Division shall run the model only after the permit application has been submitted. The permit application shall be incomplete until the modeling analysis is completed. The owner or operator of the source shall apply such degree of control and obtain such offsets necessary to demonstrate the new source or modified source will not cause or contribute to a violation.
(o)  If the owner or operator of a source is using projected actual emissions to avoid applicability of nonattainment new source review, the owner or operator shall notify the director of the modification before beginning actual construction. The notification shall include:
(1)a description of the project,
(2)identification of sources whose emissions could be affected by the project,
(3)the calculated projected actual emissions and an explanation of how the projected actual emissions were calculated, including identification of emissions excluded by 40 CFR 51.165(a)(1)(xxviii)(B)(3),
(4)the calculated baseline actual emissions and an explanation of how the baseline actual emissions were calculated, and
(5)any netting calculations if applicable.

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