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(1)Hatchery Supported Trout Waters.  The listed waters in the counties in Subparagraphs (a)(1)(A) through (Y) are classified as Hatchery Supported Public Mountain Trout Waters.  Where specific watercourses or impoundments are listed, indentation indicates that the watercourse or impoundment listed is tributary to the next preceding watercourse or impoundment listed and not so indented.  This classification applies to the entire watercourse or impoundment listed except as otherwise indicated in parentheses following the listing.  Other clarifying information may also be included parenthetically.  The tributaries of listed watercourses or impoundments are not included in the classification unless specifically set out therein.  Otherwise, Wild Trout rules apply to the tributaries.

(A)Alleghany County:

New River (not trout water)

Little River (Whitehead to McCann Dam)

Crab Creek

Brush Creek (except where posted against trespass)

Big Pine Creek

Laurel Branch

(Big) Glade Creek

Bledsoe Creek

Pine Swamp Creek

South Fork New River (not trout water)

Prather Creek

Cranberry Creek

Piney Fork

Meadow Fork

Yadkin River (not trout water)

Roaring River (not trout water)

East Prong Roaring River (that portion on Stone Mountain State Park) [Delayed Harvest Regulations apply.  See Subparagraph (a)(5) of this Rule.]

(B)Ashe County:

New River (not trout waters)

North Fork New River (Watauga Co. line to Sharp Dam)

Helton Creek (Virginia State line to New River) [Delayed Harvest Regulations apply. See

Subparagraph (a)(5) of this Rule.]

Big Horse Creek (Mud Creek at SR 1363 to confluence with North Fork New River)

Buffalo Creek (headwaters to junction of NC 19488 and SR 1131)

Big Laurel Creek

Three Top Creek (portion not on game lands)

Hoskins Fork (Watauga County line to North Fork New River)

South Fork New River (not trout waters)

Cranberry Creek (Alleghany County line to South Fork New River)

Nathans Creek

Peak Creek (headwaters to Trout Lake, except Blue Ridge Parkway waters)

Trout Lake [Delayed Harvest Regulations apply.  See Subparagraph (a)(5) of this Rule.]

Roan Creek

Beaver Creek

Pine Swamp Creek (all forks)

Old Fields Creek

Mill Creek (except where posted against trespass)

(C)Avery County:

Nolichucky River (not trout waters)

North Toe River (headwaters to Mitchell County line, except where posted against trespass)

Squirrel Creek

Elk River (SR 1305 crossing immediately upstream of Big Falls to the Tennessee State line, including portions of tributaries on game lands)

Catawba River (not trout water)

Johns River (not trout water)

22:23                                                               NORTH CAROLINA REGISTER                                           JUNE 2, 2008


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