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Fort Lauderdale Planning & Zoning Board October 17, 2007 Page 22

Mr. Glassman asked about the typical minimum side yard in the Poinsettia Heights neighborhood. In response, Mr. Brewton said 5 feet is the current minimum. Mr. Glassman stated he would prefer a 10 foot minimum. Mr. Brewton stated this zoning classification is being presented at the request of the neighborhood.

Ms. Maus asked about the uniform lot size in Poinsettia Heights. In response, Mr. Brewton stated the uniform size is between 40 and 50 feet wide.

Chair Curtis opened the public hearing. There being no members of the public wishing to speak on this item, Chair Curtis closed the public hearing and brought the discussion back to the Board.

Mr. Welch asked if the homeowners association had voted on this. Mr. Brewton responded affirmatively.

Motion made by Ms. Golub, and seconded by Mr. Glassman, to recommend a 10’ setback change for two-story homes.

By show of hands, the motion failed with 3 votes in favor and 4 against.

Motion made by Ms. Adams, and seconded by Ms. Maus, to approve the establishment of the RSA-8A zoning district and move this forward to the City Commission.

By show of hands, the Board approved as follows: Mr. Welch – yes; Ms. Graham – no; Ms. Golub – yes; Ms. Adams – yes; Mr. Glassman – yes; Ms. Maus – yes; Ms. Freeman

  • yes; Mr. Curtis – yes. (Motion passed 7-1).


Comprehensive Plan Text Amendments based on the Evaluation and Appraisal Report

Eric Silva



Amend all Elements of Plan to include the Goals, Objectives and Policies recommended in the City’s adopted EAR Amend the Permitted Uses section of the Future Land Use Element, as follows:

  • Add City approved outdoor events as a permitted use in all categories;

  • Identify banks and financial institutions as personal services in the Employment Center-Low and Employment Center-High categories;

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