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Fort Lauderdale Planning & Zoning Board October 17, 2007 Page 23

Legal Description:


General Location:

  • Identify marinas as a heavy commercial use in the Industrial category; and

  • Create Local Activity Center, Mixed-Use Residential, Transit Triented Corridor and Transit Oriented Development land use categories N/A



Eric Silva, of the Planning and Zoning Department, gave a staff presentation on the proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments as follows:

  • With regard to the future land use element, staff has added some new mixed use categories to allow for more pedestrian friendly projects.

  • Staff has added 15% affordable housing to be consistent with Broward County’s comprehensive plan.

  • With regard to infrastructure, staff commits to comply with state statutes on the water and supply facilities work plan.

  • Staff is adding a new public school facilities element, consistent with state statutes.

  • With regard to transportation, staff will adopt the Broward County transit-oriented concurrency system.

Staff is requesting recommendation on transmittal of the package to the Department of Community Affairs.

Mr. Glassman commented on various objectives outlined in the document. He voiced concern about coordination with the Broward County Greenways project and asked who is spearheading these efforts. He said he does not see much aggressive action in regard to pursuing greenway and pedestrian friendly traffic goals. Mr. Glassman also voiced concern about the need for more bicycle friendly pathways. He commented that in his view, the City is doing the opposite of the Comprehensive Plan’s stated objectives with regard to environmental protection, emergency management, and building codes. He voiced concern about policy concerning turtle lighting which causes AIA to be totally dark and potentially unsafe from March through November. Mr. Glassman voiced various other concerns which in his view do not reflect these objectives.

Ms. Adams commented that the word “density” needs to appear in Objective 8.

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