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MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

Vol. 6, No. 1, March 2010

Internet Access

Since all learning and interactions will take place online, Internet access is essential for this class. If you do not have Internet access at home or from work, you can use the Business Computer Lab on the CRC campus. Any computer that has an Internet connection will allow you to complete your assignments, so you may use a computer at a public library.


I also expect you to have an e-mail address. This will facilitate communication among us. If you do not have an e-mail address, CRC offers a free e-mail service to its students. For more information, visit the CRC homepage and choose "Student E-mail" from the "Quick links" menu. You can expect me to reply to any e-mails you send within one or two business days.


I want to do everything I can to help you be a successful student in this and every class you take. On the class Web page is a statement about academic integrity. Please read this; it is an important issue in the classroom and something we should all take seriously.

This class is offered on a credit/no credit basis only. Your success in this class is based on completion of course assignments. You must complete each assignment to earn a passing grade. I will post complete instructions and my expectations for each assignment on the class website.

The following are among the assignments typical for this class:

  • Send e-mail with attached file to instructor

  • Use Assignment Manager to submit an assignment to instructor

  • Use Virtual Classroom to chat with classmates and/or instructor

  • Create personal Web page for display on class roster

  • Complete group assignment

  • Complete Internet research assignment

  • Make a thoughtful contribution discussion on the following subjects:

  • introduction

  • netiquette

  • issues in online education

  • Complete surveys and quizzes as assigned


For each lesson I will post an article or presentation online. The lesson will include an assignment with instructions. Assignments will be available and due at various times during the course. I expect you to visit the class site on a regular basis to participate in discussion and your group project.


This is not a self-paced class. Some assignments will have certain due dates, and they must be completed on time. All course work must be completed within the standard six-week calendar. All dates will be posted on the course syllabus.

Final Notes

  • All students in this class must be officially registered.

  • If you have need of special educational services, contact me via e-mail. Together we can work out any

necessary accommodations. Appendix B: Survey Questions

Within the course account that I created for this project to collect survey responses, the following information appeared. Students saw the name and description before they began the survey; the instructions appeared on the same page as the questions:

Name Online Student Success Research Survey Description

This survey is a tool to collect feedback regarding your experiences as an online student. Specifically, this survey asks questions about the Online Student Success (OSS) course in which you enrolled. It will be available until December 9. Your responses will be used in aggregate only, and no personally identifiable information will be released. You may contact me directly with any questions, concerns, or to receive a copy of the study results.

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