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MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

Vol. 6, No. 1, March 2010

    • The OSS course was what I needed to educate myself in an on-line [sic] environment. Because of my busy work schedule, I was still able to continue my education This class prepared me for another avenue of education

    • No answer = 2 OSS Unsuccessful (N = 3)

    • I love online classes... for the last semester or so I have taken mostly online classes...

    • It didn't affect me I think it helped me get prepared for future on line classes.

    • It didn't, I just took the course to see how the whole blackboard worked. I have been taking on-line [sic] classes for a while before. I just wanted to make sure that I did actually understand everything. OSS Drop (N = 2)

    • I will continue to take online classes . I wish that every subject area was offered online.

    • It helped me know how to navigate through black board so I became more confident with future classes online.

    • No answer = 2

  • 17.

    What was the most helpful part of our OSS class? OSS Successful (N = 11)

    • I think the most helpful part of the class was I was able to communicate with the instructor.

    • It was helpful that the class was so easy and not a lot of work. The most helpful part would have been not having to drive to the actual campus to take the tests and deliver the homework.

    • Learning about the Blackboard, breaking into the "new technology" of it. I'm an "older" student. I learned how to send an attachment on email [sic]. Learning how to participate in the discussion/chat room.

    • Learning the technology, and then applying the skills to a real assignment.

    • Learning to work online in a classroom setting was the most helpful part of our OSS class for me. The group assignments were helpful because it was the first time I had ever interacted with other people online. It forced me to open up and communicate with people on the message boards and chat rooms.

    • On-line [sic]. I could complete the class on my schedule, of course within class time constraints.

    • Participating in the group assignment because we had to communicate through the discussion board. We all got give our input.

    • Teacher checking boards and messages FREQUENTLY.

    • The chance to become very familiar with blackboard features, discussion boards, search techniques, creating and submitting assignments, and taking tests online.

    • The discussion board was the most helpful to me.

    • The group work was especially good. (as were the aspects I mentioned in the previous question)

    • No answer = 3 OSS Unsuccessful (N = 3)

    • Everything, It helped me better understand on line classes for the future classes

    • Getting use to the blackboard system...

    • The group project, first time I did that. OSS Unsuccessful (N = 2)

    • All was helpful. I enjoyed the group assignments. It helped the class get familiar with working together as a group, collaborating information on the topics.

    • Explanation of how blackboard works for submitting assignments and cyber chat for questions.

    • No answer = 2

  • 18.

    What could be improved in our OSS class? OSS Successful (N = 10)

    • Don't recall any weakness. It's been a while. Prof. [author] was excellent.

    • Everyone in our group assignment did not participate in our group project. Not sure how you would change it, but that's the only area I can think of that may need adjustment. Other than that, it was a great class.

    • I can not think of anything that needs improvement. It was a very helpful and thorough class.

    • I can't think of anything. The course was excellent from beginning to end.

    • I do not know.

    • none

    • Nothing .


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