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About the Conference

9th Annual Focused Logistics

Current Operations: What Are The Imperatives For Logistics?

This Panel will focus on recent experience of what logistics must provide to deliver success against the backdrop of what success on operations demands from logistic support.

Supporting Operations: How To Improve Performance

This session has a strong international dimension. The Panel will discuss the drivers for effective logistic performance in the organisations they represent, identifying the key determinants of the delivery of more successful support in both the near and long term future. The discussion will cover the challenges faced and the panellists will highlight what they consider to be the priority areas on which they are focusing their greatest effort.

Contracting For The Operational Environment

This session will examine in detail some of the aspects of delivering contractor support to operations without straying into the area of partnered solutions which will be discussed in the subsequent session. The focus will be on the issues arising from the increased reliance on contracts and contractors for the provision of support in the operational environment. The Panel has broad representation from the operational and tactical levels of delivery from both the MoD and Industry.


A limited number of sponsorships still exist for this conference, along with exhibition space.

For details of how you can reach over 350 military logistics professionals contact:

Alexander Giles agiles@dem-ltd.com Tel + 44(0)20 8469 3500

Partnering Support: Have We Got It Right?

The Panel, comprising participants from both MoD and Industry, will consider aspirations, policy, implementation, and delivery issues. Delegates will be offered the panellists’ perspectives on their experience of translating partnered support solutions into reality.

Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S): Shaping Up To The Challenge

This is the only session at this year’s Focused Logistics Conference that specifically deals with the creation of DE&S. The logistics theme of the conference will be retained rather than broadening the scope to incorporate acquisition matters.

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