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Conference Partners

9th Annual Focused Logistics

RUSI Founded by the Duke of Wellington in 1831, the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI) aims to work on the cutting edge of defence and security studies. Our purpose is to analyse, stimulate debate and identify options for all issues of national and international defence and security. We have a British perspective but a global scope.

We are a membership organisation, independent of Government, which organises events, from large conferences to small personal meetings. We undertake a wide range of research from major projects to smaller contracts, using our three research departments which cover International Security Studies, the Military Sciences and Homeland Security and Resilience. We produce a number of general and expert publications in the defence and security fields. For further information please visit www.rusi.org

DEFENCE EVENT MANAGEMENT: The Defence Conference Company DEM has been operating in the field of defence conferences and bespoke events for over nine years, and has grown on the back of conferences which are repeated year-on-year, showing a very high degree of delegate and speaker satisfaction. The DEM principle is to achieve best value for industry, and best effect for the military of many different countries. This is achieved by maximising the military presentations, especially from crucial decision makers, thus guaranteeing attendance from industry and other organisations. DEM’s links into the top echelons of the UK, USA, and

European MoDs and associated bodies (export and procurement agencies as examples) are unmatched in any other conference company. Behind these flagship events are a range of smaller, bespoke events which DEM has been pioneering. These are arranged to meet more specialised demands of specific companies, organisations and regiments in various countries. These are arranged to match some demanding specifications as to the desired outcome of the conferences or seminars. In this manner, they are a very different beast from larger commercial conferences.

LOGTECH The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) established the Center of Excellence in Logistics and Technology (LOGTECH) to provide research and educational programs for senior uniformed and civilian logisticians in DoD, the military services and the joint commands, through sustained “shoulder-to-shoulder” interchanges with the private sector and academia. Major LOGTECH program areas include research, executive education courses, the LOGTECH MBA, forums and other specialized programs. The Institute for

Defense and Business (IDB) administers and manages LOGTECH. A Subject Matter Expert Board provides advice and guidance regarding LOGTECH, and the U.S. Army Materiel Command is the Executive Agent for the Department of Defense for LOGTECH. The IDB also offers a specialized business management course for the commanders and senior managers of the depots and arsenals of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, as well as programs and courses in stabilization and economic reconstruction. More information is available at www.IDB.org and www.logtech.unc.edu

MILITARY LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL addresses’ all of the key issues in the world of logistics and support today. Military Logistics International, with correspondents in all key areas, covers logistics and support as it evolves world-wide – the subject is international, and so is our coverage. Military Logistics International access’s key military logistics leaders, and brings news from operations and frontline users about how logistics and support are evolving, thus allowing industry to obtain a

greater knowledge about how logistics is developing in the frontline. And conversely, by keeping links with industry, the military can be made aware of how “Best Practice” is developing in industry, and how new technological concepts are growing. For advertising issues contact Alexander Giles agiles@dem-ltd.com – for editorial issues contact Francis Tusa ftusa@defenceanalysis.com

BOEING INTEGRATED DEFENCE SYSTEMS Boeing IDS’ Support System business is focused on maximizing the readiness and effectiveness of warfighters’ systems today and in the network enabled battle space of the future. The business’s complete spectrum of support products and services integrate the best of Boeing’s support capabilities and provide customer focused logistics and services. These services, enable customers to move from fragmented, stovepiped logistics, to orchestrated, performance-based logistics. The capabilities of Support Systems include Maintenance, Modifications and Upgrades; Integrated Logistics Services; and Training Systems and Services. In the UK, Support Systems, meets customer requirements and maximizes mission readiness for programmes including the C-17 Globemaster III Sustainment Partnership programmes, the UK Chinook Through Life Customer Support programme and the Apache Aircrew Training International Limited (ATIL) Joint Venture. Additionally, Boeing is poised to help offer a comprehensive solution for the UK’s Apache Future Support Arrangement (FSA) programme.

Drawing on Boeing’s world class Programme Management and Systems Engineering & Integration expertise from US transformational programmes, including the US

Army's Future Combat Systems, Boeing is applying integrated battlespace, toward UK Programmes. currently enhance the operational effectiveness of

the UK customer’s vision of the Boeing's extensive capabilities the UK's armed forces on-board

the E3-D Sentry, the Brimstone missiles, Logistics Support.

Apache AH Unmanned

Mk1, CH-47s, C-17s, Nimrod , Harpoon, Meteor Systems, Missile Defence, Synthetic Training

and and

Boeing defence services

is the largest overseas commercial customer of the UK's aerospace and industries, purchasing on average £1 billion of quality British products and annually from some 200 companies and sustaining more than 30,000 high-

tech jobs across the UK. With an in-country staff of over in offices throughout the UK, Boeing’s UK presence and Government's Defence Industrial Strategy through jobs and Property.

200 defence professionals partnerships support the creation of UK Intellectual

CORP STRATEGY Our Mission: We are dedicated to providing organizations and individuals with a world-class educational experience built around proven Marine Corps strategic planning and execution processes delivered by successful, senior military leaders from the United States Marine Corps. CorpStrategy™, which incorporates and adapts the Marine Corps Planning Process, provides a proven method for organizations to implement rapid, efficient and effective decision-making processes to help them achieve their goals. CorpStrategy™ concepts are simple and proven to work and our Marine Corps flag officer instructors/facilitators have decades of senior leadership experience. Our

generals can apply that expertise to real business situations and challenges… providing a framework for planning that is complete, fast and WORKS! What We Can Do for You: Improve the performance of your organization by enabling people to formulate and execute plans essential to achieving business objectives.This is not a mere slogan or simple, formulaic approach. Rather, we show people how to understand and follow a proven, scalable planning process that results in the best outcomes possible. We accomplish this through workshops, seminars and consulting engagements that center on your real work issues and are led by proven leaders who have had significant responsibility for planning and carrying out operations in the U.S. Marine Corps. www.corpstrategy.net

DELOITTE With 11,000 exceptional people across the UK and Switzerland, Deloitte has the broadest and deepest range of skills of any business advisory organisation. We are renowned for our innovation, collaboration, our solutions-led approach, and our outstanding quality of client service. Our Consulting practice offers high value business advice on a range of issues, from strategy through to implementation. Deep industry knowledge in a number of key market segments in both the private and public sectors ensures that the advice we provide to clients is tailored to that particular sector’s needs.

Deloitte in Defence We have extensive experience working with clients across the Defence & Security sector. Projects have included supply chain analysis and design, commercial advice, strategy development, enterprise change management, process improvement,

financial management and cost modelling, programme management, contingency planning, risk management and system design and implementation. Our team has worked across the UK Defence environment including long term relationships with both the MoD and defence contractors. We have recently completed or are currently undertaking a wide range of logistics engagements within the UK MoD including: LOGWAR, Defence Storage and Distribution Agency Transformation Programme, DLO Inventory Management Diagnostic, Future Defence Supply Chain initiative (FDSCi), Munitions Acquisition – the Supply Solution (MASS) and projects with a wide range of IPTs focusing on lean, planning and transition issues. We are also providing advice and support in the Maritime area – including the Maritime Industrial Strategy, conducting an Independent Financial Review for the Future Aircraft Carrier, working with the Submarines IPT, and producing an assessment and implementation plan for the Naval Base Review.

FINMECCANICA is a global force. It is a world-leading high technology and systems company: a global partner in the aerospace, defence and security markets: a top helicopter manufacturer: a key player in defence electronics: and a European leader in satellite and space services. The Group is among the world’s top aerospace and defence systems companies and is Europe’s third largest aerospace and defence company, with 56,000 employees world wide. With a total turnover of £8 billion its aerospace, defence and security business accounts for more than 80% of total. Finmeccanica invests significantly in the future, with16% of its revenue dedicated to Research & Development. With a large industrial base in the UK employing around 9.000 highly skilled staff, Finmeccanica is the second largest company in the British defence sector and is involved in many key UK programmes. In the UK, its multi-sector range of capabilities gives the company an unrivalled “concept to solution” understanding of the interconnectivity between systems, platforms and weapons.

Recognising the UK MOD’s commitment to the UK Defence Industrial Strategy, Finmeccanica welcomes the opportunity to rejuvenate and strengthen customer

industry relationships. Capability Management

Finmeccanica is committed to implementing to provide long term cost effective solutions to



meet UK


export customer capability requirements. The Group focuses on technological innovation as globalisation. Finmeccanica particularly welcomes

a means to the Defence

competitiveness and Technology Strategy

and is proactive Finmeccanica is in line with UK

in working with the MOD to achieve its objectives. a British business with clear strategic goals for future development customer priorities. Its UK businesses comprise helicopter design,

production systems by

and support by AgustaWestland; high technology defence electronics SELEX Sensors and Airborne Systems; specialist communications network












SELEX Sistemi Integrati protection systems.








SAP provides specific applications for planning, generating, supporting and operating the defence and security forces. The SAP for Defence & Security application portfolio enables a very flexible organisation, including all personnel, material, infrastructure and financial resources. It contributes to the agility and interoperability of armed forces. SAP for Defence & Security applications help create greater mission effectiveness by: • Facilitating the transition to a net-centric environment • Providing combat support

systems that integrate Sustaining collaboration

and interoperate with capabilities to inform

command and dispersed forces

control systems

  • Enabling shared

situational awareness and knowledge of commanders’ intent. SAP for Defence & Security is based on proven commercial functionality, major enhancements that have grown out of joint projects with military customers. More than 100 defence and security forces worldwide run SAP

and includes and security applications

Enabled by the SAP NetWeaver® platform, SAP for Defence & Security provides an enterprise service-oriented architecture for adaptive business solutions. Building on the benefits of web services, it delivers on the promise of service oriented architectures, enabling both flexibility and business efficiency without increasing costs. SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software*. Today, more than 38,000 customers in more than 120 countries run SAP® applications. With subsidiaries in more than 50 countries, the company is listed on several exchanges, including the Frankfurt stock exchange and NYSE under the symbol “SAP”. (Additional information at <http://www.sap.com/defense>) (*) SAP defines business software as comprising enterprise resource planning and related applications such as supp y chain management, customer relationship management, product life-cycle management and supplier relationship management.

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