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My car was the first in Holland that got the headlights changed in a factory near Amsterdam. In due time ... 2nd December the car was clear for German regulations so that on 16th December I got my number plates. Unfortunately the Dutch guarantee for the Cappuccino only says twelve months whereas Suzuki GB handles thirty six months! There have only been two details which I didn't like on my Cappuccino: the steering wheel and the fact that there isn't any luggage boot when the roof is inside. As the Japanese version of a luggage rack is no longer available I started to look for another version.

Suzuki Motor Corporation in Hamamatsu wrote me a letter dated March 1995 saying that the luggage rack was discontinued as the wood used for the rack suffered from weather deterioration and the varnish damaged the surface of the boot. I was lucky to find another one in a motorcycle shop. It's a luggage rack for a Harley Davidson, just the right size for our Cappuccmo. As a sort of a sporty steering wheel I tried to get the wheel from my Honda Coupe Z600 and amazingly it fitted well.

I did consider removing the speed governor but was advised by Suzuki GB that this could result in high engine temperature due to the weak air fuel mixture whilst operating on the back up programme dictated by the engine management system ... So in the end, I enjoy driving our Cappuccino in it's original version.

JEM ... thanks to Jochim (Kim) along with Rob and Wolfgang before him, for their interesting articles ... compliments to all of you on your English.



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Winners with the Windsors..….. The first 1997 issue of "AutoExpress" the weekly car magazine, featured a brief mention of the Cappuccino. A review was taken on the Royal Family, in a tongue-in-cheek way, looking at the likely cars that members of the Family would turn to in the period of austerity ...

H.M. The Queen Prince Phillip Prince Charles Princess Diana Prince Andrew Prince Edward

Reproduced by the kind pemission of AutoExpress magazine.

This is what the magazine said about Prince Andrew and "His Cappuccino" ..." It's a well known fact that Andrew likes his fun. After all, he spent several years in the Navy and that puts a man in all sorts of exciting positions. Nowadays he drives an open top Astin Martin, revelling in great British engineering, smart looks and wind-in-

the-hair feeling.

When things get tight we expect the last thing he'll give


is that

topless thrill, so a frothy Suzuki Cappuccino should see him right".

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