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More Members Comments …… From Simon Robinson (Pontefract) If The Cap Fits........ It all started one Thursday evening some three or four years ago. Jeremy Clarkson's beaming face, as he sat in the driver's seat of a Cappuccino at the Motor Show, was now filling the television screen in our living room. In a split second, both Kathryn and I had gone from being happy in our ignorance of the Cappuccino's existence, to dreaming one day that we, may one day, have one. The ball was rolling !

Here was a Midget sized two seater sports convertible which didn't boast having more power than Concorde and hopefully would fall within our price range ... and also within

our insurance payments. The wait was on !

Our local Suzuki dealer had no details but rumours on price were suggesting about £12,000 which somewhat dashed our hopes, after all, this was to be a "second" car and the thought of selling my bike was too much to bare. Downhearted, we pushed thoughts of ownership to the back of our minds which was not easy as we passed our

local dealer every evening, hiding our demonstration Cappuccino which was now well on display !

morning and glances at the

Two years later, with different circumstances, Kathryn announced that she wanted a new car ( Yes Simon they do that sort of thing!) and had prepared a list for my consideration which included the Cappuccino. To my shame, I dismissed the Cappuccino instantly. Too small, too bouncy, not powerful enough ... you name it, I pulled all of the objections out of the hat.

Weeks of persistent dropped references ( Yes ! they do that as well, Simon !) to the Cappuccino plus my retirement from the "biking fraternity" which I still can't believe, eventually we ended up again at our Suzuki dealer. One red and one silver were on the forecourt and the test drive was arranged. The salesman was not comfortable about us both shooting off together so we would take it in turn. The flipped coin had not hit the ground before Kathryn was in the driving seat and I felt that "knowing" feeling soaking into my mind ! Half an hour later when Kathryn and Cappuccino returned, the smile emanating from my wife's face only confirmed what we already knew ... Kathryn's mind was firmly made up. My test drive, which followed, was purely academic although I was invited to take the roof off. Yes it was February, but yes we did go topless.

What a superb car, our Cappuccino is by far the favourite of all the cars we have owned.

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