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From Jacalyn Eyres (Rayleigh) Before I had my Cappuccino, I was the proud owner of a red Mini Cooper. I have never been that agreeable to my husband Iain encouraging me to spend a fortune on cars ... but I did rather like my Mini Cooper. It was especially good as Iain had modified my previous Mini to look like a "Cooper" but with only a lOOOcc engine under the bonnet, it was quite embarrassing when it became obvious that my Mini lacked the genuine Cooper's performance.

At the beginning of 1994 we had arranged a test drive of the new Suzuki Cappuccino, we were given the keys and had a marvellous drive ... without the pressure of a car salesman ( Careful now Jacalyn, our son Lee is a car salesman !!) We loved it but were rather put off by the price, especially as you had to pay for such luxuries as a car radio. Iain did not want to part exchange his MR2 and I did not want to have two, 2- seaters. My Mini was small but at least I could actually take passengers ! This all changed due to an accident in my Mini, not my fault I hasten to add. The substantial damage was not really sorted by the garage who made a mess of its repair, so we started to think more seriously about changing the car.

In December 1994 Iain saw an advert from a London Garage with three Cappuccino cars for sale and as one of those (smart, lovely, young and ever so helpful) salesmen lived just around the corner, he brought one home for us to see. By now, the price had depreciated about £2,000 and with a useful trade-in price off the Mini all these thoughts of

practicality went out of the window. In the middle of December we were driving down

Oxford Street with shoppers staring at our beautiful looking small car.

We have had a few problems with the gear box and clutch but our local Suzuki dealer has been very helpful. Filling up with petrol is quite an event with people asking you twenty questions about the car but I am thankful that circumstances mean I am driving my Cappuccino rather than a Mini Cooper. Being a Cappuccino owner is now even better with the start of SCORE ... well done John for starting it up.

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