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More Members Comments …… From Joanne Liddle (Darlington) I would like to mention that a possible problem that people may encounter with their Cappuccino, is rust developing just above the rear number plate. A fellow Cappuccino owner told me that he had experienced rust in this area and under the sills, which he's had re-sprayed. So when I checked my cappi' I noticed that rust was beginning to develop above the rear number plate which I have also had treated and re-sprayed. I was told by the dealer that the rust occurs from the screws holding the number plate in position, as they are not galvanised. The work was done under warranty and the screws were replaced by galvanised ones.

Another issue I wanted to mention is that my Cappuccino went in for its 18,000 mile service last week and I was informed that it needs new rear brake-pads and discs. Apparently the discs have corroded and it is going to cost nearly £200 for both the pads and discs. Do you know if anybody else has had problems with corroding discs ? Finally, do you know which magazines have featured the Cappuccino in the past? I have a back-copy of an article featured in Autocar on 12th January 1994, I'm sure other magazines have done road tests on the Cappuccino, but I don't know which. So if anybody knows, could they please let me know. I would also like to mention that I have recently purchased a model of a Cappuccino. So if anybody is interested in also purchasing and building a model Cappuccino, I suggest that they have a trip to their local model shop........ Though I’d better warn you, the instructions are all in Japanese!

Cappuccino Trivia ….. Or So We Have Been Reliably Informed…..

  • i)

    Without the Turbo, the Cappuccino produces only 22 b.h.p.

  • ii)

    The headlight units are said to be indestructible. At over £150 each, just as well !

  • iii)

    The Cappuccino is narrower than the Mini and only a few inches longer ... but what would you rather have ?

  • iv)

    At 6.6 gallons, the Cappuccino shares the smallest fuel tank along with the Caterham Super 1 ... now you know why we don't go far in ours !

  • v)

    The Cappuccino is so well balanced that if every corner was weighed, they would almost be identical,

  • vi)

    At the launch of the car, show mechanics ruined a Cappuccino's roof by knocking on it with their knuckles to see what it was made of ???

  • vii)

    AND FINALLY, one to think about... Due to the Cappuccino boot dimensions, if you get a puncture and replace the offending tyre with your "space saver" wheel, the punctured wheel will have to be placed on your passengers seat, or on their lap ! ....... If you intend to continue topless JEM ... thought I would check this one out for you ... it's true !

Cappuccino Trivia brought to you courtesy of Kevin Douglas (Selkirk, Scotland) ... Any more where these came from Kevin ?

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