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Handling - Suzi has taken me through some horrendous snow and ice, and I have no complaint at all about handling, I think it is superb. The nearest I've come to trouble was hitting an unsigned stretch of deep loose chippings on a road at, er!, just on the legal limit. Suzi began to fishtail and it was all I could do to hold her straight whilst hoping to miss the spinning Viva GT that had just passed. He unfortunately went right off the road and rolled over whilst Suzi and I came to a halt with just a broken sidelight lens by the way, you have to buy a complete lamp !!

The comment about the rear window seals is interesting. What bothers me is where the water which penetrates this seal, goes to? Is there a drain system or is there a nasty water trap waiting to rust through? All seals of this kind I treat regularly with Holt's Rubber and Nylon Lubricant fluid. Years ago, as a motor fitter, I used this copiously around Morris Minor door seals, which would creak and chatter as the bodyshell flexed over bumps. Delighted owners would remark how much quieter their cars were after servicing.

What don't I like about Suzi ? First, that maddening bleep if you leave the keys in. Second, the slippery rear shelf. Way back I saw in an electronic catalogue a high- friction mat for benchtops, this would hold objects in place by gravity even at angles of sixty degrees. Sounds ideal for preventing things sliding around in the back. Anyone know of this matting ? I wish there was a dimmer on the dash lights and I wish that the console top did not reflect in the windscreen on sunny days. I wish I could learn to get in and out without making muddy scuff marks on the sill and seat.


From Tony Elliott (Bedford) I am probably the only member with minimal knowledge of the MARQUE. The simple truth is, I saw a Cappuccino at a dealer show in Hemel Hempstead during 1992 and it was love at first sight. I spoke to her guardian, who told me that to make overtures to own one of her available sisters, I would need to visit Japan, present my credentials and only then may possibly be allowed to bring her to the UK paying dowry payments along the way. Unfortunately, my family, business responsibilities and finances prevented the trip.

However, in September 1996,1 went into semi-retirement and although this entailed the return of my company car, it coincided with a local paper advertisement "Cappuccino for sale". I telephoned my local dealer E.A.Thompson, Clapham, Beds, immediately to arrange a viewing and a test drive, bearing in mind that I had only sat in one of these cars some four years ago. During the test drive our love affair re-blossomed. I made my proposal which was accepted, so to celebrate our union I decided to shower my acquisition with embellishments.

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