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Wood steering wheel and matching gear knob, netting luggage rack and rear spoiler. Front and rear body mouldings were complimented with stainless steel step guard protectors and finally a Suzuki premium quality audio system with a CD changer fitted in the boot. Yes ! I was besotted all right but what a lovely couple we make. My pre- nuptials ensemble consisted of a red Cappuccino sweatshirt, presented to me by the manager of the dealership as a thank you for the business.

Our time together, thus far, has not been incident free. The radio has always had a suppresser/reception problem. Exchanging the CLARION unit and installing a replacement quality aerial has improved the situation but has not totally solved it. (I would welcome help from any fellow sufferers). A three day garaged period of non-use resulted in a totally dead battery. Recovery entailed dusting off my battery charger -- unused for nine years - to gain momentum again. This on a 1995 car!! What have I done? Credit to my local dealership, they changed the battery instantly - four days of non-use has presented no problem. It may be of interest to note that if the rear fog lamp switch is left in the ON position, even with the ignition switched OFF, it can cause battery run down, I am told. The synchro between 1st and 2nd gear has always been intolerably stiff, more so when the gear oil is cold. An advised call to a fellow member re this problem prompted a visit to my dealership, who had previously changed the oil to effect a remedy. They replaced the faulty parts within two days with good results. Even with these set backs I can honestly report that we still enjoy, and thrive on our union. Long may it, and Cappuccino reign.


SCORE Competition

We hope that you are pleased with our progress up to date and

in particular with issue one of The Latest SCORE. You will notice on the front cover of your magazine the circle in front of the word S.C.O.R.E. This currently houses the words "The Latest" and has been positioned there, ultimately to carry the Register's designer label. We would like you to design for us a SCORE logo to be used on our magazine and to be the Register's corporate identity on stationery, merchandise etc. Anything goes ! As entries come in, we will shortlist the better ones for final judging. With the excitement mounting and sackfuls of entries to ponder over, we will publish the deadline date for ... da da daahh ! ... judgement day! in our next issue, but let us have your ideas straight away. If we ask all entries to be accompanied by a £2.00 entry fee (payable to SCORE) we should be able to pull together an exclusive prize in acknowledgement of your efforts. We are convinced that there are going to be some really exceptional entries so we must state at the outset that the winning logo will automatically become the property of SCORE to be used as your Steering Group see fit... we don't want any of these prima-donna antics by perceived

hard-done-by artistic designers !

For your information ... we will be unable to use the stylised Cappuccino lettering which is owned by Suzuki and is covered by trademark registration. Please submit your entry in the form of black line drawing only. Anyway, off to the drawing board ... we wait with baited breath for your entries to come flooding in !!

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