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The Stir and Froth of Cappuccino......Running over this and the next four issues of The Latest Score magazine is the Cappuccino Heritage Story. Researched and written by Alex Clouter, this exciting serialisation will run through the "life" of Cappuccino, from its inception in the 80's to start of production in October 1991, from its arrival in the UK to the current day production in Japan. Although the Cappuccino is no longer destined to be imported by Suzuki GB, due to EC legislation, we do hope that in the not too distant future Suzuki will "sow the seeds" to nurture a new offspring... That's for the years ahead, but for the moment let's just cast our mind back to that vintage decade, the 1950's, when the sports car evolved ... a period of time that was thoroughly British in everything mobile and leisurely yet within ten years the Japanese were firmly establishing themselves in the fun-roadster market niche.

The Cappuccino Heritage

Part 1

Setting the Scene

The two-seater open top sports car has always occupied a special place in the heart of all those wanting the ultimate in the pleasure of moving at speed, exposed to the elements. The sports car is always an attention-getter : admiring glances, envious looks, the "cor!" factor from the schoolboy at the end of the street corner. We have all fallen in this trap: stopping in your tracks and just enjoying the looks, anticipating the thrills of owning and driving an open-top sports car. There is something very special about driving down an open country road with the wind whipping around your head, sun shining down, the

fresh country smells ...

There is something equally special about the owner and/or user of the sportscar : they are fun-loving enthusiasts treating their car with pride and reflecting their active lifestyle patterns. The thrills of open-top sports car motoring automatically conjure up one particular make : MG. Everyone has a fond association of this well known brand : everyone either has had the experience of being in one or knows someone who has.

How did it all start? At a small dealership in Oxford, working for the Morris Motors franchise, the name of this dealer was Morris Garages Limited and apart from selling Morris Cars they also specialised in selling bespoke bodies to those customers who wanted





little special. Sports Cowley,

In 1921 Morris Motors with special tuning under







performance. Morris Garages decided to take the body shell and developed its "dealer special", called the MG Sports Morris... considered to be the first of the breed of 2 seater sports cars. Other versions followed over the next 10-15 years,

own new with

Morris Garages developing its own identity - MG - the initial letters of name. These later versions enjoyed higher performance levels, with choice

the dealership of engine and

choice of 2/4 seater 2/4 Monte Carlo Rallies in outright wins.

door bodies. Racing meets were held in the UK and abroad; 1929 and 1930 were the two key events that MG enjoyed

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