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Reports From Your Regions......

Midlands & South Wales Region ........John Lyndon and Yvonne Swinford Our first Regional meeting took place at the Queens Head, Aston Cross between Tewkesbury and Evesham on Sunday 9th March. Here we had 12 Cappuccino's taking pride of place in the pub car park whilst we all met up in the skittle ally to discuss the way forward for our Region (we never did get that game of skittles started !) After a nice Sunday lunch and a positive discussion we inevitably ended up in the car park where we all compared notes and minutely examined each others cars. We plan to meet here in April and May at which time we will further discuss the venue and regularity of our Regional meeting. Given that we did not realise our first meeting would be on Mothering Sunday, the attendance was quite good with a new member filling in their application form in the car park. Hopefully on April 13th we will have an even better turn out!

South West Region.........Sarah Watton and Paul Radford Because of the size and shape of the South West Region we decided to separate it into a further East and West area. This will allow us to meet up bi-monthly by Area and monthly by Region (if you see what I mean!) for those Cappuccino owners who want to meet more frequently and are prepared to travel that little bit further.

Our first meeting in the Eastern area was held on Sunday 16th March at the Sir Walter Tyrrell pub in the New Forest. For members in the Western area we plan to meet on Sunday 13th April at 12.30. The location will be The Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkford Somerset which will add an extra element of interest to our meeting. I have contacted other Regional Reps inviting any SCORE members to join us for the day. We are all looking forward to our next meeting.

Kent & Sussex Region ... Alex Clouter (Forest Row) Our meeting on Saturday 8th March started off from Suzuki headquarters in Crawley where a convoy of seven magnificent Cappuccino's including John & Hazel Moore as a surprise visit made their way to "The Parsons Pig" for lunch. James Williams kept us all amused with his talking Cappuccino (Alarm) and unfortunately I was the last one to fit my hard-top before we went inside to eat. This incurred a penalty of paying for the round of drinks! But it was all well worth it to see this lovely group of Cappuccino's all together. After introductions and general Cappuccino chat an impromptu drive took this convoy through the heart of Surrey and up to the top of Box Hill, one of the highest points of the North Downs. Following our descent we all enjoyed a big paper mug of ... hot Cappuccino! The weather was relatively kind to us for this time of the year but there was sufficient froth to keep all of our spirits up. We have all agreed to meet up again on Saturday 17th May for a Brighton to London Fun-Run (thought we would be different!) ... hopefully we will all be able to go topless on the beach. This will not be a race, more like a gentle percolation. I will be circulating more news to all of my Region in due course but if anyone in the South wants to join in with our Cappuccino convoy, please ask your local Rep who will contact me for details.

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