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Matters Arising ……fgrom our last journal

From John Millar (Burton on Trent) I'm writing concerning Phil Holdcroft's query as to the fitment of speakers in the rear of his Cappuccino ( From article in February SCOREsheet) When I purchased my Cappuccino in February 1995,1 bought her without any audio equipment installed, as I had my own system from my previous car, (a very loud system at that!). I sold the bass box, amplifiers and large shelf speakers, and with the money bought some front speakers for my Cappuccino. Being a motor vehicle technician I fitted the system myself, which comprised of Sony radio/cassette head unit with 10 CD changer and a pair of Blaupunkt speakers to fit in the front speaker cut outs. As Phil mentioned, the sound was less than perfect, due to the placement of the speakers. At this, I decided to find suitable speakers for the rear shelf behind the seats. Speakers were eventually sourced from my local Halfords branch for the princely sum of £29.99. The speakers were a three way affair, manufactured by Goodmans ( Model GLS 260 ) and looked rather much the same shape as the Cappuccino's headlights. Within less than an hour I had sound from the rear of Suzy, and was very pleased with the results. So in answer to Phil's question as to whether it is possible to fit speakers to his Cappo

the answer is YES.


From Simon Robinson (Pontefract) with another idea to help out Phil ...(we think !) I consider myself to be somewhat of an "audiophile" and can assure Phil that there is no way, good quality sound can be achieved from the foo twell speakers as the enclosure is too small …here is a tip though. (this is where you make your own mind up ! ) For rear speakers go to Toys R Us ... but don't park too close to the store or they may take Cappuccino back in and put it on the shelf again !! Purchase two foam balls, approximately 6 inches in diameter. Dye these with Black Ash woodstain, as nothing else sticks as well. Now, cut these in half (making sure that Mam or Dad are supervising ! ... sorry, but as a Geordie, I have got to say MAM) and scoop out the innards. Insert two, four-inch speakers and glue back together. The wiring can be run under the centre console as the speaker-balls sit at each end of the parcel shelf, held in place by the magnet weight. They will not scratch the shelf and look

unobtrusive ... Sorted !! JEM......... Thanks to Simon for that

... and his Mam, for letting him watch so many

programmes of Blue Peter !

******************************************************************** Favourite comment from passenger (owner of Audi Quattro) "Blimey, doesn't it accel-

erate ... 656cc Surely you mean 1656cc"

And when filling up from near empty " It's

HOW many miles since you filled it last ? ! "

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