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Matters Arising …… From Adele Mercier (Orsett, Essex) who is currently completing a degree in Midwifery but still found time to read our last journal ...... Thank you for sending me the latest SCOREsheet, Stephen and I found it very enjoyable, readable and valuable. Keep up the good work. Reflecting on the articles in the SCORE sheet, I can add that ANNA (my frothy Cappuccino) has recently acquired two new wing mirrors and a new driver's seat belt (because it was not recoiling adequately). I am awaiting work to the gearbox, as it is "crunching" when moving in and out of second gear. This work has all been carried out under warranty. By the way, since the seat belt has been renewed I have not had any problems with it coming out of the clip! An expensive solution if your car has run out of warranty I would imagine. I can add (as I am sure we all can), to the wonderful list of passing phrases about our gorgeous car. Twice I have heard, "I was expecting to see Noddy get out" Another frequent favourite is "Cappuccino! I thought it was a drink". Finally, a word of warning for anyone expecting a baby. Please think seriously about what you call your child, one couple recently named their daughter Vitara after the model of their car ... poor child! Please don't call it Cappuccino! Stephen would like to know if you can produce a windscreen sticker saying "my other car is a Cappuccino". While I remember, has anyone fitted a clock to their car interior? I would really like to, but I don't want to spoil the overall look. If anyone can advise me, I would be very grateful.


Cappuccino Tyres ........ We asked Suzuki on behalf of SCORE members to give us a

response to the questions regarding continuity of supply and also approved alternatives to the recommended Bridgestone tyres which have recently been difficult to acquire for some Cappuccino owners ............ here is the formal response from the Suzuki Technical Department. "Bridgestone Tyre Fitment... Since the initial problems on stock, Suzuki GB has ordered more Bridgestone tyres from the factory in Japan so that further demand rom owners can be fu illed. There should be no immediate problems on the supply of these tyres. Suzuki will only recognise these very specific tyres due to the nature of the car. They have to be directional and to the endorsed size (165/65 R14 ) as any other ype of yre will a fect the road handling of the Cappuccino. Also, it must be emphasised that the Cappuccino was only developed for the Japanese market, hence the compact size and engine which reflects the "K" taxation class that the Cappuccino fits in. When the Cappuccino was designed there was never any intention to export it to the rest of the world, therefore one has to respect the very specific pre-requisites that were, and are, relevant for the domestic (i.e. Japanese) market"

Technical Department. Suzuki GB PLC

JEM... Well! there you have it. Suzuki have now made it very clear what their stance is on the subject. If you have any further comment or questions, contact SCORE.

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