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Lesson: Hold up a picture of or point to a computer, and one of a CD-ROM or floppy disk. Ask "If I said `computer hardware,' I would be talking about which one? [the computer] If the computer is hardware, what do we call the other one?" [pointing to the disk or CD-ROM] [software]. "We use similar words to describe similar things, and then make them distinctive by adding a word to show what's different.  "In our study of Ancient Civilizations (World History), we start with what's called the first three Stone Ages" [Open the “A2_ThreeStoneAges.ppt. file, or write on overhead or board: Paleolithic Mesolithic Neolithic. Then write second row but leave blanks for Old, Meso and New.]

Paleolithic                         Mesolithic                               Neolithic

Old or Ancient Stone Age                Meso (Middle) Stone Age              New Stone Age

"What root word or syllable do all three ages have in common?" [lithic]

[Hold up lithium battery, or a picture of one] "Does anyone know what kind of a battery this is? [lithium] Its name comes from a Greek word, "lithos", which means stone. [write "lithos" on board or overhead]. A lithium battery is made from a soft metallic element found in stones, so they call it a name that means stone.  Now that you know the root word, "lithic" in each of these ages means stone, can you guess what each word in front of "lithic" means?  What if I told you "Neo" means "new"? [let students guess]  Summarize discussion by listing names below titles you have already written]

After discussing the above chart, make an overhead or write on the board the information in the chart below (or continue with the “Three Stone Ages” PowerPoint).  If using an overhead, cover up the last two columns as you explain the first. Be sure to leave the prefixes blank so students can help you fill them in. Only uncover columns as you review them together.

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Old or Ancient Stone Age

Meso (Middle) Stone Age

New Stone Age

The age in

The age in human culture

The age in human culture

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