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Consumer decisions

  • comparison shopping

    • -

      types of goods and services

    • -

      different brands and products

    • -

      choosing what to buy

  • choosing where to buy

    • -

      range of locations and sources

    • -

      types of retail outlets

    • -

      internet purchasing and mail order

    • -

      locally, interstate, globally

  • key factors affecting consumer decisions

    • -

      finance, price, marketing, age, gender, convenience, service

    • -

      environmental considerations

  • research consumer information from a variety of sources that may include the nternet, advertising material, specialist magazines and comparison shopping surveys

  • select and apply appropriate criteria to rank alternative purchasing options

  • explain the factors influencing decision to buy locally, regionally, interstate or globally, retail or wholesale or on the internet

  • research and report on comparison shopping processes and decision using word processing applications

  • explain the factors affecting consumer decisions

  • examine factors which contribute to changes in behaviour and practices


Curriculum K-12

Teaching and learning activities Assessment: The activities require students to demonstrate their learning and are all assessment for learning activities. Some activities might be selected and included in a school assessment schedule for assessment of learning. Task 1 Comparative shopping _____________________________________________________ Teacher note This activity can involve an excursion or students can gather the prices from a homework visit to some shops or from newspaper and letterbox advertising. ____________________________________________________

  • Form groups of 4-5 to gather information on the type and price of a

selection of goods or services.

  • With the other groups negotiate one of the following categories of

goods and service so that at least one group is covering each category. A. Super market groceries, B. electrical and white goods, C. services for example optometrists, dry cleaning, banks, hair dressers, insurance and

  • D.


    • In their selected category, each group is to list 10 items by type and

size (For example, 2 litre ice cream) and to record for three to five examples the brand, price and shop. (Blue Ribbon Vanilla $4.68 Woolworths)

  • For each type of items in their category, circle which of the surveyed

brands would they purchase and write sentences explaining the reasons for each of your decisions.

  • Write a paragraph about what the strongest influences are on your

purchasing decisions. Were your reasons similar to other students.

Task 2 Buying a TV Yesterday when you arrived home from school you were greeted with sad news, the television was broken and could not be repaired. The family discussed some options for a new television; a plasma screen, a rear projection model, a large 80cm model, a flat tube 68 cm model or a replacement for the broken one a 51cm model.

Everyone was keen for a bigger and better model and even volunteered some of their savings to help. Because you are studying Commerce you have been given the task of evaluating the options to find out the benefits and get the best prices. Your parents are not sure that they have enough money for some of the most desired options but liked the advertising that they did not have to pay for 18 months.

Your task is to:

  • Research the options and their prices from advertising, the Internet

and local shops

  • List the selling points for each option

  • Record three purchase alternatives for each option with the name of

the company and the price

  • For the plasma and rear projection models record the details of one

finance package that is offered by a least one company.

  • Confer with another student about which option you are going to

recommend to your family and why you have chosen it.

  • Write a paragraph on what you think the decision will be by your

family and why they will make that decision.

January 2005

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