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by individuals and organisations

identify and classify examples of different types of commercial and legal decisions that people make on a daily basis

Task 4 The too good to be true plasma TV When a family friend heard about the family television he was very helpful and gave your father the number of a man who sells plasma TV from home at prices way below shop prices. He said that because he does not advertise and imports directly he can give special deals.

recognise the consequences of commercial and legal decisions on the quality of our lives and the environment.

While you were researching the new TV in Task 2, your father telephoned this man and arranged for 106cm plasma television to be delivered for just $2000. When your father was showing it to a neighbour who works in the NSW police, the neighbour noticed some numbers etched into the side and later determined that it had been stolen.

While your father has helped the police with the name and telephone number of the man who sold it to him, the TV has been reclaimed by the original owner and your father has lost his $2,000 and there are still discussions with the police about receiving stolen goods.

Commerce and choice

  • decisions affecting the quality of our lives

    • -

      consumer, financial, business, employment, legal

    • -


  • investigate the scope of commerce and choice

Task 3 The price is right? Look on the web site www.choice.com.au and conduct a search on "consumerism". Read and use the information in the articles to write a one page article for your school newspaper on the topic "There's more to buying than just price."

  • In your article refer to:

  • Financial decisions and quality of life

  • Legal implications and illegal activities

  • Ethical considerations

  • Environmental impacts

A friend has emailed you to get the number of the man so that he can buy a cheap TV. Compose an email to warn him about this matter and in your email outline some of the things he could do not make sure the TV is owned by the seller.

Consumer protection

  • Legal rights and protective legislation for consumers

Task 5 Oh no! It doesn't work. After the incident with the plasma TV the family has had to settle for cheap 51cm television for just $245. On the second day it fails to turn on.

  • Organisations that provide assistance for consumers

    • -

      government departments and organisations - state and federal

    • -

      independent organisations

  • the processes of consumer redress

    • -

      remedies and their outcomes

  • The need for consumer

Look at the Internet site www.accc.gov.au and refer to the section on returni goods and warranties. Provide some written advice (about one page) that y can email to your father about his rights and the obligations and rights of the seller and where he can get further advice.

Task 6 Recognising scams Working in pairs, use the Internet site www.accc.gov.au and refer to the section on Scams and select two scams. Scam suggestions: bait advertising, door-to-door sales scams, employment opportunities, false sales, pyramid schemes, internet offers, introduction agencies, Itinerant hucksters, overseas scams, shopping by mail, unsolicited goods.

  • a)

    Explain how each scam works

  • b)

    Provide any examples or stories of how people have been fooled


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