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protection - scams and rip-offs

  • use the internet to research scams and rip off

  • examine the processes involved in achieving redress

  • identify the methods used in scams and rip offs and analyse the ethics involved

  • investigate consumer laws and appropriate processes for consumer protection

  • work collaboratively to gather, interpret and present information on the protection provided by consumer protection agencies and independent bodies

Payment choices

  • Methods of payment

    • -

      cash, credit, cheque, direct debit, lay-by, electronic funds transfer, book up

  • Identify the criteria that should be considered when determining methods of payment for different suppliers

  • Research the criteria to determine the most appropriate methods of payment in a range of contexts

  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of book up

  • identify the features of a simple contract using at least one legal case study

  • Changes over time and

the impact of technology

  • Identify how technology has impacted on the payment processes of


Curriculum K-12

  • c)

    Explain the consumers rights in regard to this scam and any relevant legal aspects

  • d)

    Provide information on the agencies and bodies that can give you assistance if you are caught in a scam

  • e)

    Comment on the ethical issues involved in your examples of scams.

Task 7 Examples of payments

You have recently started your first part-time casual job at a local store. It's good to have some money and to be able to save in your bank account. Now that you intend to buy some of the things you have not been able to afford, the different ways that payments can be made requires further investigation.

  • 1.

    Use textbooks, library resources, bank information and the Internet to complete a table listing the advantages and disadvantages of paying: cash, credit, cheque, direct debit, lay-by, electronic funds transfer, book up.

  • 2.

    For each of the following purchases, identify the possible payment methods and select and explain the one you would prefer to use.

  • pair of jeans

  • food and drinks for a party

  • a trail bike

  • a microwave for your mum for Christmas

  • overseas travel insurance

  • your share of the rent

What criteria (principles) are you using to make these decisions?

3. With all these purchases there has been a contract. What are the basic elements of a contract?

4. In about a page, explain and give examples of how technology has affected the way payments are made. Include comment on how

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