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How To Fix Your Xbox 360 Console Yourself In Under One Hour!

Source: Primoz Dated: Dec. 31, 2008

Please note this process involves dismantling your 360, which will void any and all warranties you may or may not have. Our warranty was up, and had not purchased an extended warranty.

3 Reasons for the Red Light Error - And how you can prevent it:

#1: Overheating!

Sound obvious?

Well, if you think about it your 360 has the same (if not a bit better!) components inside as a high end gaming PC. The only difference is it is crammed into a space that is much smaller! So the first thing that causes the 3 red lights problem is overheating and there are a number of ways you can prevent this. Firstly, if you keep your Xbox inside a display cabinet with closed doors this is a big NO, NO!

The 360 will almost definatly get far too hot if it cannot pump out all the hot air so make sure you keep the display cabinet doors open if this is the case, or better still take the Xbox out the display case altogether!

#2 : The second reason an Xbox gets the 3 red lights is down to the Graphics Processor Unit or GPU. It is also similar to the overheating problem as the 3 red lights is due to the GPU taking too much heat! You see in modern computers you have a fan and that pumps out all the heat from the CPU because if it gets to hot it is programmed to shut off.

Well, your 360 is exactly the same and if the GPU or the chips become too hot they will shut off resulting in a screen freeze. If you then switch off the Xbox and turn it back on all will be well, right until the chip gets hot again and then you will get another screen freeze! The reason the 3 red lights appears is when this happens too many times and the 360 assumes there is a fault or a hardware error with the console!

#3: Another reason your console can get the dreaded 3 red lights is to do with the power brick. You see, when the problem occurs a commonly overlooked component is the power brick. A good way you can stop the power brick from overheating (yes, it's the overheating problem again!) is to keep it up from the floor. You are best to rest the power brick on top of a box as this will allow the brick to breath on all sides!

This can help prevent the freezes and stop the 3 red lights from ever happening!

If you still have not got your 3 red lights fixed then get the full guide with colour pictues and full support by clicking the link at the end after trying our free repair:

This FIX applies to your Xbox 360 suffering from the "three red lights of death," or red lights from three o'clock to twelve o'clock around the power button. This means "General Hardware Failure" and does not point to any one specific item.

My XBox 360 would boot into the dashboard without any trouble, but once you started a game, it would only run a few seconds. I suspected the dashboard would not give the system much of a workout, but games

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