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Arctic Silver or other brand high quality heat sink paste 1 Brillo steel wool pad Cleaning supplies

I'm not going to detail how to get the 360 apart, you can follow instructions on how to do that HERE. You'll need to get the motherboard out of the metal cage, and pop off the heatsinks from both the CPU and GPU.

Once you get the GPU heatsink removed, look at the thermal pad on the bottom of it. Does it have a rectangular metallic silver cover on it? This is how mine looked. I suspect this thermal pad is insufficient for the amount of heat generated by the GPU.

NOTE: If yours DOES NOT have this metallic silver cover, your hardware faults might lie somewhere else. However, since you're this far already, keep going. Better cooling for your 360 would never hurt.

Scrape off the thermal pad from both the aluminum GPU heatsink and the copper CPU heatsink. I used a Brillo steel wool pad for this, and it worked great. It even polished the bottom of the heatsinks a little bit. If you get the heatsinks wet, make sure you dry them thouroughly before reinstalling.

Now clean the remaining thermal paste from the GPU and CPU. My CPU had the most paste on it, so it took the longest. I used small pieces of a paper towel slightly dampened with 409 and it worked fair. You may have a better method of removing thermal paste from a CPU, so use your judgement here.

Once clean, apply your thermal paste to the CPU and GPU dies. Don't apply too much, just enough to cover the entire die.

Now reinstall the heatsinks, put the 360 back together, and enjoy. Thats it, see how easy that is?

In some cases this is not enough to resolve the problem. If you are that unfortunate there is only one guide we recommend using :http://www.bestplaceonthenet.com/xbox360fix

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