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The Modern Olympic Games

Explore a little further…

Look at a globe or a map of the world and locate the Olympic Games host cities. Discuss the geographical distribution of the Summer and Winter Games.

Write an article on an athlete who has taken part in the Games but who did not win a medal: describe his/her feelings, emotions and experience.

Find out about an Olympic sport. Pick a sport you don’t know from the list of sports on the programme of the Summer or Winter Games. Do some research and prepare a fact sheet on it, including the names of some of athletes who practice the sport.

Imagine some costumes that could be used at the opening ceremony of the next Olympic Games. Choose a theme and sketch some designs.

Identify some other major events that bring people together like the Olympic Games. Make a list of them and identify their similarities and differences.

Find some other examples of the interplay between the Olympic Games and the historical, political or cultural situation of the time.

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Teachers :

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© Olympic Museum and Studies Centre, Lausanne, 2002

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