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Distressing Basics

So now you’ve found out a little about the different techniques that can be used to distress cards, we’ll tell you a bit more about creating distressed looks!

Distressing the edge of your card

One of the easiest and most effective ways to use distress inks in your crafting is to use them to ink the edges of your card. You can use the ink pads to apply the colour direct- to-card, and use Cut-n-Dry foam to blend the ink into the card’s natural colour.

A stippling brush can also be used for a similar effect. Keep reading for more information on how to use a stippling brush.

Antiquating papers

You can age background papers by simply crumpling up paper or card. Be careful not to tear your paper while crumpling it up! For the best results, you should aim for an even effect across the paper. Spread the paper out flat and then rub the ink pad over the paper. You will find that the ink transfers primarily to the raised, crumpled elements of the paper to highlight these features.

You can also spritz the paper with water and dry it with a heat gun to further antiquate the finish. Alternatively, while the ink is still wet, you can re-crumple the paper for an even more effective finish. Once you have the desired result and the ink is dry, you can iron the paper to flatten it out for use on a card.


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