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Visions TRB, Book B, Unit 2 Lesson Plan          Copyright © Heinle

Unit 2  Changes

Chapter 5 • The Journal of Jesse Smoke, by Joseph Bruchac, & Ancient Ways, by Elvania Toledo

Chapter Materials

Activity Book: pp. 73–80

Audio: Unit 2, Chapter 5

Student Handbook

Student CD-ROM: Unit 2, Chapter 5

Teacher Resource Book: Lesson Plan, p. 11; Teacher Resources, pp. 35–64; Reading Summaries, pp. 83–84; Activity Book Answer Key

Teacher Resource CD-ROM

Assessment Program: Unit 2, Chapter 5 Quiz, pp. 31–32; Teacher and Student Resources, pp. 115–144

Assessment CD-ROM: Unit 2, Chapter 5


The Heinle Newbury House Dictionary/CD-ROM

Web Site: http://visions.heinle.com

See the Teacher’s Edition wrap-around for complete teaching suggestions for each section.

Day 1

Unit 2, Chapter 4 Quiz (Assessment Program, pp. 29–30) 20 min.

Objectives (p. 132) 5 min.

Present the chapter objectives.

Use Prior Knowledge (p. 132) 15 min.

Activate prior knowledge about planning for a trip.

Build Background (p. 133) 5 min.

Provide background on the Trail of Tears.

Homework: KWL (TRB, p. 42); Have students complete the first and second columns based on what they learned in class. Students will complete the third column at the end of the chapter.

Day 2

Check Homework 5 min.

OR Warm Up 5 min.

Write on the board: Write 2 things that you remember about the Trail of Tears.

Build Vocabulary (p. 133) 15 min.

Introduce finding root words.

Text Structure (p. 134) 10 min.

Present the text features of a historical journal.

Reading Strategy (p. 134) 10 min.

Teach the strategy of understanding the sequence of events.

Reading Selection Opener (p. 135) 5 min.

Preview the chapter Reading Selections.

Homework: Activity Book (p. 73)

Day 3

Check Homework 5 min.

OR Warm Up 5 min.

Write on the board: Complete this sentence with the words happens, real, people.

“The Journal of Jesse Smoke” is a historical fiction journal. This means that it is based on      events and     , but not everything that      is true.

Reading Selections (pp. 136–141) 25 min.

Have students read the selections and use the Reading Strategy. Teach spelling, capitalization, and punctuation points on TE pp. 136–141.

Reading Comprehension (p. 142) 10 min.

Have students answer the questions.

Build Reading Fluency (p. 142) 5 min.

Build Reading Fluency by reading to memorize.

Homework: Activity Book (p. 74)

Day 4

Check Homework 5 min.

OR Warm Up 5 min.

Write on the board: List 3 ways that people changed according to Elvania Toledo’s poem.

Listen, Speak, Interact (p. 143) 15 min.

Have students identify how language reflects culture and regions.

Elements of Literature (p. 143) 15 min.

Introduce metaphors.

Word Study (p. 144) 10 min.

Present the suffix -ness.

Homework: Activity Book (pp. 75–76)

Day 5

Check Homework 5 min.

OR Warm Up 5 min.

Write on the board: “My heart is an open book” is an example of a     .

Grammar Focus (p. 144) 15 min.

Present the present continuous tense.

From Reading to Writing (p. 145) 15 min.

Teach how to write a poem.

Across Content Areas (p. 145) 10 min.

Introduce related math content on using rank order.

Homework: Activity Book (pp. 77–80); Have students complete the third column of the KWL chart from Day 1. Have students study for the Unit 2, Chapter 5 Quiz.

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