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Visions TRB, Book B, Unit 3 Lesson Plan          Copyright © Heinle

End-of-Unit Materials

Student Handbook

CNN Video: Unit 3

Teacher Resource Book: Lesson Plan, p. 18; Teacher Resources, pp. 35–64; Home-School Connection,

pp. 133–139; Video Script, pp. 165–166; Video Worksheet, p. 175

Teacher Resource CD-ROM

Assessment Program: Unit 3 Test, pp. 49–54; Mid-Book Exam, pp. 55–60; Teacher and Student Resources,

pp. 115–144

Assessment CD-ROM: Unit 3 Test, Mid-Book Exam


The Heinle Newbury House Dictionary/CD-ROM

Heinle Reading Library

Web Site: http://visions.heinle.com

See the Teacher’s Edition wrap-around for complete teaching suggestions for each section.

Day 1

Unit 3, Chapter 5 Quiz (Assessment Program, pp. 47–48) 20 min.

Listening and Speaking Workshop (pp. 216–217) 25 min.

Introduce the assignment of presenting a biographical narrative. Have students choose their topics and collect their facts (steps 1–2).

Homework: Have students review their facts to make sure that they are correct.

Day 2

Listening and Speaking Workshop (pp. 216–217) 45 min.

Have students prepare and present their biographical narratives (steps 2–6).

Homework: Tell students to reread the reading selection that they will compare and contrast to a video on Day 3.

Day 3

Viewing Workshop (p. 217) 45 min.

Show a video about a person in this unit and have students compare and contrast it to the reading. Show the Visions CNN video for this unit. Have students do the Video Worksheet.

Homework: In preparation for the Writer’s Workshop, ask students to look up the word courage. Tell them to ask other people what the word means to them.

Day 4

Writer’s Workshop (pp. 218–219) 45 min.

Present the writing assignment of writing a response to literature. Have students do research and write a draft (steps 1–2).

Homework: Have students review their drafts in preparation for revising them on Day 5.

Day 5

Writer’s Workshop (pp. 218–219) 45 min.

Have students revise, edit, and publish their writing (steps 3–5).

Homework: Have students take their work home and read it to family members.

Day 6

Review and Reteach 45 min.

In small groups, have students list major points from the unit. Ask students to choose three points that they are least clear on and would like to review. Based on results of chapter quizzes and student feedback, choose points from the unit to reteach to the class.

Homework: Have students study for the Unit 3 Test.

Day 7

Unit 3 Test (Assessment Program, pp. 49–54) 45 min.

After the Unit 3 Test, reassess student learning. Record strong and weak areas based on the unit test. Review weak areas before the Mid-Book Exam.

Homework: Have students study for the Mid-Book Exam.

Day 8

Mid-Book Exam (Assessment Program, pp. 55–60) 45 min.

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