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CM Set (Make sure the selector switch is set on VTR)

Tape Set (Make sure the selector switch is set on VTR)

Setup Menu (Make sure the selector switch is set on VTR)

Others (Make sure the selector switch is set on VTR)

  • CM Search: Search using cassette memory.

  • TitleErase: To erase the title you have superimposed.

  • Title DSPL: To display the title.

  • Tape Title: To label the tape.

  • Erase All: Erases on the recorded footage.

  • Rec Mode: Mode to record in.

  • Audio Mode: Record in 12-bit or 16-bit mode.

  • Remain: The on-screen display of remaining tape.

  • Data Code: To display date, time, and various settings for playback

  • Auto TV ON: To automatically turn on a Sony TV with laser link function.

  • TV Input: To switch the video input.

  • LTR Size: To display selected menu items at normal size or twice the size.

  • Beep: Sounds to signify stop/start recording.

  • Commander: To activate the remote.

  • Display: To show the LCD screen.

  • DV Editing: Using the iLink to edit video with other equipment.

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