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White Paper: Controlling Unwanted Content

download – at a total connection cost of $600. Fortunately, this attachment was blocked before it was transmitted, and the connection cost was saved. While large files and attachments may not always be offensive or proprietary, they consume bandwidth, and bandwidth costs money. The more an enterprise can control the volume and size of traffic into and out of its network, the more it can control bandwidth costs.


The proliferation of pirated music and software files (as well as the increasing popularity of pirated movies) available on the Internet means an increase in potential liability for corporations if their employees traffic this material while using their company’s network. The Business Software Alliance has recovered more than $60 million over the past 10 years from corporations caught with pirated, or unlicensed, software. And the ongoing legal battles over peer-to-peer file sharing, which traffics the vast majority of pirated music and video files, looks as if it will be won by the entertainment industry. They are seeking extreme copyright protection, including the ability to sue any and all parties involved in the process of transmitting pirated files. In fact, a corporation can be liable for hundreds or even thousands of dollars per song file found on its network.

Unwanted Content: Solutions

Just as methods exist for controlling viruses and spam, there are a number of available solutions for controlling unwanted content. These solutions range from simply blocking unwanted attachments based on size or type, to the more complex techniques that use heuristic and statistical scanning to identify unwanted content in context.

A recent survey by Osterman Research indicates that only 32 percent of enterprises filter email for unwanted content other than spam. However, much unwanted content (offensive material and images, company-sensitive information, large attachments, pirated music, etc.) is not spam. That means almost 70 percent of enterprises are unable to control the content of emails entering and leaving their network. With the right solutions, however, controlling email content is possible. These solutions include:

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