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Marketing Exam Study!

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      Many companies have greatly reduced their inventories and related costs through just in time logistics systems, where producers and retailers carry only enough inventory of parts or merchandise for a few days of operations

  • Transportation carriers affects the pricing of products, delivery performance, and condition of the goods when they arrive – which affect customer satisfaction

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    Intermodel transportation – combining two or more modes of


Integrated supply chain management

  • Integrated supply chain management – the logistics concept that emphasizes teamwork, both inside the company and among all the channel organizations, to maximize the performance of the entire distribution system

  • Companies are adopting the concept of integrated supply chain managemement with te goal of harmonizing all of the commpany’s logistics decisions in order to create high market satisfaction at a reasonable cost

  • One company’s distribution system is another company’s supply system

  • Growing number of firms now outsource some or all of their logistics to third-party

logistics (3PL) providers

  • third-party logistics (3PL) providers – an independent logistics that performs any or all

of the functions required to get its clients’ product to market

Stimulate or Dampen Demand to match capacity pg 389

  • advertising and sales promotions can help to change the timing of customer use, and thus help to match demand with the capacity available at a given time

  • demand management strategies include reducing usage during peak demand periods and stimulating it during off-peak periods with high fixed costs (ie, hotels)

Push vs pull strategy

Promotional Strategies (know the difference)

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    Push strategy:

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      Promotional effort to channel members to stock, promote products to consumers

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        Personal selling and trade promotion-driven

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    Push Strategy Example

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        MONSTER Energy Drink

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        Sales force pushes product to:

      • Convenience stores

      • Gas station

      • Bars and clubs 34

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