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Marketing Exam Study! Train service employees actively

  • service employees need to learn:

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      The organizational culture, purpose and strategy – start strong with new hires, focus on getting emotional commitment to the firm’s core strategy, and promote core values such as commitment to service excellence, responsiveness, etc.)

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    Interpersonal and technical skills – interpersonal skills tend to be generic across service jobs , and include visual communications skills such as making eye contact, body language, etc.)

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      Product/service knowledge – knowledgeable staff are a key aspect of service quality

  • Training is extremely effective in reducing person/role stress

  • Training and learning professionalizes the front line, moving these individuals away from

the common image of being in low-end jobs that have no significance

Empower the front line

  • Empowerment approach is more likely to yield motivated employees and satisfied customers than the “production line” alternative, where management designs a relatively standardized system and expects workers to execute tasks within narrow guidelines.

  • Empowerment is most likely to be appropriate when most of the factors are present in company

  • The firm’s business strategy is based on competitive differentiation, and on offering personalized, customized service

  • The approach to customers is based on extended relationship rather than on short term transactions

  • The organization uses technologies that are complex and non-routine in nature

  • The business environment is unpredictable and surprises are to be expected

  • Existing managers are comfortable with letting employees work independently

for the benefit of both the organization and its customers

    • Employees have a strong need to grow and deepen their skills in the work environment, are interested in working with others, and have good interpersonal and group process skills

  • Four features for empowerment throughout the organization

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