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Marketing Exam Study!

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        Marketers respond that consumers like changes and they provide as much satisfaction as possible

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        Companies do not design their products to break down earlier because they do not want to lose customers to other brands

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        They seek constant improvement to ensure that products will consistently meet or exceed customer expectations

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    Web lining

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      Discriminating against certain groups of customers based on neighbourhoods

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        This is done through the internet, based on factors that lead them to believe they change prices

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        They can find information online about you to discriminate against you

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        They can sort people into more categories, in some cases, predict how you behave

Four service focus strategies

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    Framework for developing effective service marketing strategies

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      The figure outlines key steps, the process of creating a strategy is an iterative process, one who’s components are visited more than once

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        Fig 13.7

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    The 4 strategies

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        Understanding the Customer

        • Think like the customer, understand the customer’s needs and how they behave in service environments

        • How they establish expectation and choose between alternative suppliers

        • How customers respond to service encounters

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        Building the Service Model

        • Create a meaningful value proposition, a package that specifies what benefits and solutions your firm tends to offer, and how it proposes to deliver them to target customers

        • Transforming this concept into a service product means developing a specific package of core and supplementary product elements and then distributing each element of the package to customers at appropriate places and times

        • Ensure your strategy will be financially viable, create a business model that allows the costs of creating and delivering the service (plus a margin for profits) to be recovered through realistic pricing strategies

        • Customers won’t buy unless they perceive that the benefits obtained from this value exchange exceed the financial and other costs they incur, including time and effort

        • Must be promoted through effective communication techniques and must position yourselves accurately

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        Managing the Customer Interface

        • Develop strategies for managing the customer interface

        • Embrace all points at which customers interact with your company

        • Design effective service processes with your own particular focus as a marketer being on the role played by customers and experiences you wish to engineer for them as they move through each step process towards desired outcome

        • Work with colleagues in HR to develop strategies for managing employees in ways that enable them to deliver outstanding performances

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        Implementing Service Strategies

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