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Get Started With Scribus

A Beginner’s Tutorial on Publication Design

Document Version: 0.1 Project: UNESCO/DigiArts Contributed By: Sarai, India. (sarai.net) Author: Niyam Bhushan (niyam.com) Date: 23 April 2004 Copyright: © Niyam Bhushan 2004 License: Free Documentation License − FDL (gnu.org) Availability: The latest version of this ongoing document could possibly be found at the websites of DigiArts, Sarai, niyam.com, Linux-Delhi.org or via web-search engines.

Software: Scribus Platforms: GnuLinux, Windows, Macintosh Category: DTP, Typography & Design Version: 1.16 or higher (preferably built from CVS) Website: www.scribus.net Level: Beginner

What Can You Do With Scribus

Two things. Use Scribus to design and produce magazines, newsletters, print-advertising, brochures, calendars, and pretty much anything that requires text to look visually appealing on paper. Scribus is also a great tool for authoring PDF documents with advanced features such as forms, buttons, passwords, and more. You can make your PDF documents even more 'intelligent' by using Javascript from within Scribus. Our tutorial focusses on how to use Scribus for professional- grade design of publications. It also shows a brief glimple of how to create an intelligent PDF. So let's get started.

For our project, we'll design seven pages for a magazine, including its cover page. Yet within these seven pages, you'll learn enough to create an entire 100-page magazine, or even a full-blown newspaper.

GET STARTED WITH SCRIBUS • By Niyam Bhushan for Sarai.net • Apr 2004 • 1

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