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'FreedomYug' taking care to uncheck 'Text flows around frame'. Here, the text is actually set to loose tracking. I entered '+5pts' in the kerning field. For 'Why Khajuraho Needs Gnu/Linux' you need to press the return key after the word 'Khajuraho' in the Story Editor. Similarly, draw a text frame next to the green box, and enter the yellow-colored text. Use the image on Page 1 of this tutorial as a reference for all text elements. Or check the PDF file or the Scribus file of this sample magazine.

Design Multiple Pages

[Many Unique Page Designs] This mag's pages are 210mm x 280 mm. However, not all pages will have the same look. I need three pages with a layout meant for a Features article, with perhaps two columns, and a generous white space on the outer left or outer right edge of the page. Another page could look like a feedback form, which could have only rows and tables. Still another page could be the Contents page.

Interestingly, once I decide that a Features page needs two columns, and a half-column of empty white space on the outer-left or outer-right, with a section name on the band on top, I want every page that runs a Feature story to look consistently the same. Thus, I need a 'Template Page' for Features, that defines all the columns and other common graphic elements for the Feature pages. I can then add as many pages as I wish into the actual Scribus file, from this template page, and add the actual text and photos to these pages.

[Make A Page Template] Go to Edit>Templates.... A dialog box listing existing templates opens up. You will only see one default template, called 'Normal.' That's the one you've been using for the cover page. Click on the button 'New'. In the resulting dialog-box, name the template 'FeatureL' and choose 'Left Page' from the drop-down menu. You end up with a blank page, with blue lines marking the outer margins.

GET STARTED WITH SCRIBUS • By Niyam Bhushan for Sarai.net • Apr 2004 • 10

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