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With the 'Edit Templates' dialog box still showing, and your new empty pages on-screen, go to Page>Manage Guides, in the menus on top. We are going to add some horizontal and vertical guides, which are lines that won't print, but guide your eyes into placing columns of text, and graphics, with perfect alignment.

[Operators] The left page has a 20mm margin from the left edge. Inside this margin, I wish to leave a half- column of white space, of 45mm. So in the 'Manage Guides' dialog box, click on 'Add' under the 'Vertical Guides', and in the X-Pos field, type “20+45”. Yes, Scribus will use simple math operators in all fields that require a numerical entry. (You can even enter “30 mm + 1.5 in” to operate between different units). Add the other vertical guides at 122.5 mm and 127.5mm. Look at the numerical precision with which Scribus places it. Add a Horizontal guide at 265 mm. Important: click the 'Lock Guides' button at the bottom so your guides don't accidentally move on the page. Click OK. Your page will have guides similar to the screenshot here.

[Page-Numbers] Add the Red band on top, place a text frame with that loose-tracked text 'Khajuraho' at the top. Follow the steps you learnt in the previous section. Similarly, add a text frame at the bottom for the magazine name, issue detail, and page number. Except you don't type a static page number. Just press the control key + # combination. To counter-check your command, go to Edit>Preferences>General. Click on the button 'Keyboard Shortcuts...'. Scroll the list to find your shortcut.

GET STARTED WITH SCRIBUS • By Niyam Bhushan for Sarai.net • Apr 2004 • 11

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