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[Format To Body Text] You'll notice the text on each page is in some random plain-text formatting. Just rclick on the first text frame of this multi-page story. That's the one on page two. Go to the Properties palette, click on the 'Text' tab, and choose 'Body Text' from the paragraph styles in the drop-down menu next to 'Style'. Note you can even choose a language from the drop-down menu below. As I write this, the developers at Scribus are working towards integrating Indic languages so you can soon have Scribus formatting text in Hindi, Tamil, or other Indian languages.

Create Final Page Layouts

[Make space for Photos and Headline] You've got the general idea of how Scribus creates templates, paragraph styles, and works with text frames and picture frames. Time to design all the feature pages of the cover story. Go to page two. This you can do by clicking on the page icon in the page palette, or at the extreme bottom of your screen, you will see a go forward button, a go back button, and pop-up list in-between where you can choose the page you want to visit.

Click the text frame on page two, and in Properties, in 'XYZ' key-in X- Pos: 65mm, Y-Pos: 201.5, and Height: 48.5mm. The text frame shrinks to the bottom of the page. Note how the text automatically flows to the next page. Link the text frame on page three, to the subsequent text frame on page four, so text flows from page to page.

[Insert Picture] Select the picture frame icon from Tools, just like you did for the cover page. This time, draw a random picture frame on the top of page two. In Properties, give it X-Pos: 20mm, Y-Pos: 35 mm, W: 135mm, H: 100mm. Right-click this picture frame. From the pop-up menu, choose 'Get Picture...'. Go to the images folder inside the FYug folder, select the file 'EnterTitle.jpg' and click 'Open.'

[Resize Picture] In the Properties palette, click on the 'Image' tab, check 'Free Scaling' and then key-in X:0mm, Y:-30mm, X-Scale and Y-Scale at 32% each. This will shift the photograph 30 mm to the left, inside the frame, and then scale it down to 32% for that perfect crop.

[Typeset Headline] Draw a text frame. X-Pos: 20mm, Y-Pos: 142mm, W: 165mm, H: 39mm. In the 'Text' tab, choose Georgia Roman 48 pts on line spacing of 42 pts. You could choose Garamond or Times if you wish. Set kerning to -1.0pts. Then zoom in and manually kern the individual letters until you get a crisp, neatly tucked-in headline.

[Hanging Drop Cap] If you go back to Edit>Paragraph Styles... in the menus, and edit any existing style, you'll note an automatic drop-cap feature available, for your preferred number of lines. But let me show you how to create hanging drop-caps, and you'll also learn how to handle wrap-arounds the Scribus way. Take the 'Draw Shapes' tool, draw a rectangle, at X:59, Y:200, W:19, H:24.3. Fill and stroke this with 'None' in 'Colors' so it does not show. Check 'Text flows around frame' and

GET STARTED WITH SCRIBUS • By Niyam Bhushan for Sarai.net • Apr 2004 • 14

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