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you'll see the first para of your article flowing around this “empty” space. Next, draw a text frame at X;52, Y: 195, W: 24.5, H: 36. Uncheck 'Flow text around frame' for this. Using either the story-editor or the hand- cursor icon, enter the letter 'D' in this text frame. In Properties, set this to Georgia Roman, 87 point, with leading at 104 points. Fill this with Black. Click on 'Shade' choose 'Other' from the drop-down manu, and type 69%. Your drop-cap is done. Should you want to select the invisible rectangle used for wrapping text, and end up selecting this text frame stacked on top of it, press control+shift click and repeatedly press until you select the correct object in the stack.

[Done!] Go to View menu and hide the guides, frames, margins, and grids. Your layout will look like the above screenshot. On page three, the sculpture picture frame has an invisible rectangle behind it, that wraps around the text. Just like we did with the drop-cap. The captions are just a text frame in the half-column. The generous white space at the bottom of the first column, is likewise just an invisible rectangle with 'flow text around frame' checked. Study the provided FYug.sla file for further details.

[Gradient-Filled Box Story] The body text flows to page four. A single text frame in the half-column on the left contains the story and photo credits. The box-story at the bottom is a text frame that is formatted with various paragraph styles. The gradient in the text frame is applied in the 'Colors' tab of Properties. Underneath the 'bucket' icon a drop-down menu with the word 'Normal' reveals 'Vertical Gradient' among others. Choose LimeGreen at 40% as color#1, and CyanBlue at 20%. The text has a gap of 2.5mm from top, bottom, left, and right of the text frame. This is set in the 'Shape' tab of Properties. A red square is drawn to mark the story end.

GET STARTED WITH SCRIBUS • By Niyam Bhushan for Sarai.net • Apr 2004 • 15

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