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Design With Graphics and Freedom

[Many Unique Page Designs] Page five jumps into graphics-oriented, creative freedom where page geometry is conformed to with defiance. Take a look at the screenshot here. It looks dramatic, but thanks to the power of Scribus, is quite easy to produce.

[Copy Elements to Template] First, start by creating a new template in Edit>Templates.... Choose a right page from the drop-down, call it '7steps'. A blank page graces your display. Then, click on your earlier FeatureR template, and drag the mouse from the top-left to the bottom-left of the page to select the red band on top with the text, and the page folio and page number text frame at the bottom. Click on your new '7steps' template. Right- click anywhere and select 'Paste.' Alternatively, go to Edit>Paste from the menus. The elements are pasted into the exact position they belong to, thanks to the intelligence coded into Scribus. Change text to 'Newbies'.

[Visual Guidance] Amazingly, the layout has 15 columns that align elements. Check the next screenshot. So, go to Page>Manage Guides.... Add a Vertical guide at 36mm.

Then add 11mm to this to create another guide. Continue adding 11 mm to the result of the previous guide, until you read 179mm. Check 'Lock Guides' and click OK. Close the templates palette and add page five to your document, in the Pages palette, by dragging the '7steps' template to after page 4 in the page palette.

GET STARTED WITH SCRIBUS • By Niyam Bhushan for Sarai.net • Apr 2004 • 16

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