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[Seventh Wonder] In a new text frame that you draw on the page, enter the letter '7' in Georgia Roman, at say, 200 points. Right-click the text frame, and from the popup menu, choose, 'Convert To > Outlines'. The letter '7' is converted into a graphics outline. Align it to the top-left of your margin, and drag the lower-right to the second-last column, bottom- right. The graphic '7' automatically scales to fit the whole page.

Do you want to tweak the shape of '7'? Go to the Properties palette, to the 'Shape' tab, and click on 'Edit Shape.' Enjoy. Finally, padlock the '7'.

Important: For each text frame or other element that is placed on this page, please uncheck 'Text flows around frame' so you dont' have text jumping to another position suddenly.

[Shapes for Text] Drawing the shapes is easy. Click and hold on the square icon in Tools, and discover more than 16 shapes you can freely drag and draw in Scribus. Click on the 'Polygon' tool and you can even draw stars with as many corners as you wish and other options. For each shape, choose Fill 'None' and Stroke 'Black'. The thickness and style of the line is in the 'Line' tab of Properties, where i chose a 1 point thick solid line. Discover more styles and options for yourself here. The design looks good because all shapes are aligned to any two random vertical guides. In effect, that makes the width of each shape a multiple of 11mm, since the guides are all 11mm apart.

Right-click each shape, and choose 'Convert To > Text Frame'. Then, enter the text using the story editor, or type it in directly, and apply a special '7steps body text' paragraph style, defined earlier.

GET STARTED WITH SCRIBUS • By Niyam Bhushan for Sarai.net • Apr 2004 • 17

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